Friday, May 1, 2009

Its that time again Fridays fave five jump on over to Living to Tell the Story. I love FFF It is such a way to celebrate the simpleness in life, and remember what you are thankful for! This week Mine are in NO certain order, I am still learning the pictures download weird! 1) So I will start with my crockpot! I got it last week at walmart for a mere $20 bucks, and I havent owned one b4! Hey did you know you can put a whole bunch of things in this gadget got to work then voila you have dinner?? LOL I was always afraid that if I left it on while gone for 9 hrs well something would happen to my house, but as usual I was wrong! and I love it!

2) Brings me to #2 my house is Finally done being remodled above are my floors YAY and arent they so pretty, the echo is sooo less in my house its soo wonderful! Oh you have NO IDEA!

and my beloved kitchen, which I wish I could have given you a better pic, and a before pic, bc My cabinets were pink, along with the laminate pink countertops, It was GROTESK! but look at that beauty :)

3) I am most certainly thankful for my job, in this hard economic time, I have to say even the worst days at work, cant compare if I didnt have a work to go to! So... I consider myself blessed!
4) I am thankful oddly enough for the blogging world, I've only been doing it for about a week and a half but theres so much information and recipes, and ideas, and people to chat with, It is really fun!
5) and last but not least Friday night movie nights ... Oh how I love to relax with popcorn on a friday night infront of the tv watching a great Movie!
Hope ya'll had as great week as I did... until next friday bye bye!


  1. Glad you got a crockpot, you will love it!

    I love the pictures of your remodel. I know you will enjoy it for years to come.

    I agree with you that we should be thankful for our jobs -- so many don't have one. You look cute in your scrubs.

    Enjoy your movie tonight and I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I could open your pictures and your counter tops look fantastic. Wow!
    Work is an honor and a privilege.
    Keep having fun with all of us...

  3. hello! thanks for visiting me at Gold in the CLouds. I love your list, too! I couldn't LIVE without my crockpot. I am also thankful for the opportunity to work outside my home although it is only part time teaching but i LOVE it. AND YES....friday family movie nites are popular in our house too! I love the pictures of your kitchen.....looks awesome! enjoy the weekend

  4. Well my goodness, only blogging for a week and a half and you can post photos already! :0) well done...
    Enjoy that crockpot. So many great recipes on blogs...
    Your new floor looks like the tile we bought for our basement.

  5. What a great list! I love, love, love my crockpot and I use it year round. If you're interested a friend hosts Slow Cooker Thursdays at this link:

    Lots of great recipe sharing!

    Love your floor and your kitchen. Bet it's a relief it's done.

  6. Congratulations on your new, first-ever crockpot, Sherry. Crockpots rock! :-)

    I love your new floor tile and countertop. I'm going to begin campaigning for similar items soon.

    Amen to the rest of your list, too! Enjoy your movie and have a great weekend.

  7. I love crockpots! Hope you enjoy yours. How great to have a remodeling project completed. Love Fridays and movie and popcorn nights! And welcome to blogging! It's addictive!

  8. Crockpots are great especially if you are working all day - and then come home to a hot meal - heaven!

    Your new floors and kitchen are lovely.

    welcome to the blogging community!

  9. Welcome to the blogging world, I started about two months ago and it has added a whole new dimension to my life. That floor looks great!!

  10. What great list! I really enjoyed reading.
    Your floor and kitchen look pretty and good for you being thankful for your job.
    Welcome to the blogging world and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. I love my crockpot too! And I love my job. You're right, it's a good thing to be thankful for our jobs. Having a new floor can transform a house! (And most anything would be better than PINK)

  12. That's a great FF post!! You are so creative!! Good luck with the blog, you're doing great!