Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In the Kitchen With Lu- cookies

On Wednesdays we usually bake something from scratch or close, almost never from a tub, packet, or premade pie. But Lu had a fundraiser earlier this month and talked us into 4 tubs, Snickerdoodle, White Choc Macadamian nut, Choc Chunk, and Peanut butter. So, lets just say I wasn't gonna make anything other than these since I had 4 tubs of cookies takin up space in my freezer!
They were quite easy to make, you just spooned some out from the tub roll... and then flatten , the picture above and below my writting should be switched ...

But.. you all get the point right? Then you pop them in the over on 350 for 10-12 mins.. then you ....

just watch :)

I didn't know how they were gonna taste, I was skeptical, but they were good, last night we baked the white choc macadamian nut mm they were tasty.

and tonight we baked the snickerdoodle, see she couldn't even wait till they cooled. They were quick, good, and most of all easy, we didn't even use a quarter of the tub, we baked 7 cookies each night (and yes they are all gone all 14 of them) Whats nice is if you have a sweet tooth these are so fast, no prep work or anything, while you put them on the baking sheet the oven is heating up and 12 mins later VOILA cookies!

Love that face!
even Joshy joined in the picture fun, I think he thinks I'm crazy because I blog about everything!
So thats what we baked this week!


  1. Love the cookie pics, and I love the picture of her looking through the oven window. They never seem to cook fast enough (or cool down!) Following you now!

  2. she did a great job and they look DELISH!!!

  3. Oooo, I love making cookies. In fact, I love baking anything. I'm with you on making them from scratch... and I may have to do something with the wee ones tonight after looking at those. Yum!