Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the Kitchen with Lu- Cherry Yum Yum

Okay so this post is a little different than the Wednesday past thats I have done which were titled "baking with Lu" but it dawned on me tonight when we were MAKING dessert it wasn't one you would bake! Infact a couple weeks ago we had a dessert recipe that also did not need baking it was the Choclate Cream Pie
The wonderful thing about the "no bake desserts" is she can do ALMOST every single step because the oven ins't involved so merly I am assiting her, and a little mommy guideness too!

Now as you can tell, so far I haven't posted the ingredients or the how to on this dessert, and theres a good reason, I am not going to ... heres why ...

When I was planning to make this tonight I had every intention to give you all the yummy ingredients and how to, but It is a family recipe that my Fiancee's grandmother gave me, and of respect for him I promised I wouldn't post, infact when I look up the recipes to Cherry Yum Yum ... some pop up but I haven't found one the exact same, so I am guessing it truly is a family recipe... but..

I promise to all of my loyal readers, from now on Lu andI will cook/bake/make things that can be posted with all the ingrediants and how to's.

I must say though, I do feel privaledged, I have been told no one gets grandma's recipes unless they marry a Kelly boy, and because we aren't offically married yet, I must say I think she likes me :) smiles to that!

Hope you've all enjoyed the pictures, and until next week..


  1. Gotta love a helper. Makes the food all that much sweeter right?! :)

  2. wow that looks awesome! she did a great job :O)

  3. tease!!! of course there needs to be some secrets in life, doesn't there? looks like she did a fantastic job - looks divine! thanks for stopping by

  4. oh - that looks great! will you share the recipe?