Sunday, May 10, 2009

My trip to IKEA

Ok, I am blogging about ikea .. have I gone crazy? Seriously though, I wrote it on my FFF list so just incase anyone wanted to know heres the verdict! If you are going to go to this MASSIVE, GIANORMOS mall like store, be prepared to spend ALL and yes I do mean ALL day. I myself was there for 5 hrs, but I rushed through the last few sections beacause I knew I had to be somewhere else too, I thought I'd given myself enough time, but apprently not! Who would have known? Did I mention that it was opening weekend? Everyone told me I was outta my mind to go, that everyone and there mother would be there, but I wanted to take a chance anyway. I did NOT have to park 3 miles away like the news said, infact not even a mile. They have a nice sized parking lot. It was busy and I had fun, I liked watching other people picture things in their homes too, and you end up talking amoung other folks about the store and their findings!

I did however walk away with some nifty things, I had no idea they had such good prices, I was expecting it to be a bit pricey, I can see where it could be if you start purchasing furniture and such, I tried to steer clear of that stuff, because I knew I'd blow my budget. (that is for next trip cuz I did find some great stuff furniture wise for my office/craft room).

You know how all of us walk into a relative or friends house and see the most unique items that you've never seen and wish your house was filled with such great things that no one elese has?? I figured out that solution, Ikea and of course a yard sale LOL put a combination of both Ikea products and yard sale finds and you have yourself an UNFORGETABLE home :).

I will be going back thats for sure, even though Its an hour drive! When I find something I like, I go no matter the distance!


  1. Nifty! We just got our first IKEA here in Tampa, and I'm excited for my first IKEA adventure, too. I'm glad to hear the prices are good, too! :)

  2. I LOVE IKEA! I went to the new store in Tampa for Mother's Day! How's that for crazy? LOL It took us 20 minutes just to park!

    Check it out!