Monday, May 4, 2009

Target Clearance Score!

Okay, I was gonna wait until "Thankful Thursday" because I am always thankful for "cheap" or "clearance" "inexpensive" ect... So, If you can see the red dots at the top of the tag, which I couldn't get a nice picture of it, sorry! You will notice they were on clearance for a MERE $2 bucks (I actually got 4 shirts, but Lu is wearing one today!) This was a great find, seeings how just for a shirt these days between $8-$10 which is crazy, because, think about it, shes tiny not much material, and I am a "cheap" person! lol! So by the time you have a whole outfit thats $20 an outfit, and Lu grows every year of course like every other kid, so I buy winter and summer outfits every year, on a budget of course ... So 4 clearance shirts and 3 clearance shorts $20 bucks for all of it thats 3 outfits yes I said 3 and an extra shirt. Now only if I could have got the rest of her summer items so nicely priced! Also, Childrens Place had some GREAT sales too, not as good but pretty good. In other word, if you need kids clothes hit Target and Childrens place soon!

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