Friday, May 29, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday- Movie Watchin

Good morning all welcome to Kid Friendly Friday hosted by I Blame My Mother! Jump on over and join the fun! We all include things that are Kid friendly of course!
My kid friendly post is MOVIE WATCHING! Lu and I (oh yes and Joshy too) watch a movie every other friday, if you ask why not every friday is because Lu goes to see her dad, the fridays inbetween! Lu has become at a great age, in which we don't have to watch all the cartoony movies anymore YIPEE for mom! So Last week we watched Hotel for Dogs, which I might add is a really cute movie, and Lu is SO PASSIONATE for animals (I think she'll be a vet one day) that she literally took the movie to heart! I believe on her list next is Beverly Hill Chiuhah LOL...

We pop some popcorn, get out a good blanket, and we enjoy! So Movie watching is great to do with kids, especially when they don't watch tv alot its a real treat!
I just want to take a min to Thank Sarah over at I blame My Mother for giving my upcoming blog carnival recognition, I will be starting a "Kids In the Kitchen" carnival coming up here the 2nd week of June, so get your kids in the kitchen!


  1. I actually need to sit down and watch the movie when it's on.....right now I'm making popcorn, getting water, chasing the baby....but when I sit for a minute the older girls tell me everything that is going on and what will happen. They are the ones that can talk (or loud laugh) through a movie....We'll have to work on this :)

  2. We have movie night every once in a while as well, and have a picnic in the living room while we watch. I'm looking forward to your new blog carnival--I try to cook with the kids at least once a week.

  3. Good idea Sher! Ya know I'll be joining in!

  4. We do this at least once a week! Hubs is a SUPER movie fan and the kids are learning to be too! And I'll be back for your cooking carnival.....better get on those cookies!