Sunday, May 17, 2009

Theres a Little Wild in me!

Okay before I start this post, Let me begin by saying, "Mom since I know you follow me, please quit reading now!" With that said, anyone that knows me knows I love tattoos, I have just 5, but 2 have been added too, which would technically make around 7ish.
Josh and I decided what a great weekend to go get a tattoo, so we both did, I already had the flower atop my foot (yes it hurt just incase anyone asks, top of feet have LOTS of bones) anyhow, I've always wanted whispy stars and whimsy colorful dots.

So, we recolored the bigger sized flower that was previoulsy orange and yellow, to pink, purple orange and yellow, then it looks like stars magically come out of my flower they go from the bottom of my foot and wrap around my ankle, I think it is a good way to express oneself, though I know tattoos are certainly NOT for everyone, I try to make mine classy, AND EVERY one of them can be covered, I am not a walking tattoo, I dont have them on my arms, neck, face, so on and forth.

And this is Josh's, He got a cross on his forearm (first he checked with his boss, making sure it was appropraite, see this was a well thought out event)

It does simbalize alot for him, his brother has the same one, it is a cross, with the crown of thorns.
Just thought I'd share my weekend with you guys! :) Again shh don't tell mom, even at 25 yrs old, she would not be happy with me. (and if she does read this, I'm not getting anymore, I'm done just so you know!)


  1. I am such a big baby! I don't know if I could take the pain! It looks nice though. Painful, but nice : ).

  2. Very nice! I got one on my ribs = bones = hurt :) I understand! I love the wispy tattoo!

  3. I read it...does that mean you're more tatoos? Josh too?