Saturday, May 22, 2010

Korker Bows!

Don't you just love that SMILE???  It warms my heart!!
I thought I would make some korker bows! I have always loved the look of them! Found the tutorial here and followed it to a "T" I like the look above .. and I made this one fuller by adding more ribbon.
Then of course you can wear a pony or to the side, these are less full, I just added less ribbon.

And of course ... I had to make some for Baby Tierney. They are smaller in length and nice and full, I cut the ribbon 2" instead of 3" like I did for Lu's bows. Isn't Lu being a lovely model for me? Baby Tierney is gonna be one stylish baby and she's not even here yet! And well we all know little Ms. Lu is stlyish too!
Try making them its FUN!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids In the Kitchen

  • We have decided to take a break from Kids In the Kitchen until the summer arrives. May is a very hectic month with plans that far exceed the number of hours in a day and with the end of the school year approaching we are just very busy.
  • I hope that when the summer comes there will be more of a response to Kids in the Kitchen and more kiddies will be cooking up a storm. Summer for us starts in Mid-June, hope to see you then!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super Simple Bird-Feeders

The birds are chirpping loud and clear every morning! It's Spring *but feels like summer* and I saw this super simple bird-feeder a while back on a blog *don't remember which one* so we gave it a try!
I cut out some shapes from cardboard *from an old box in the garage*  punched a hole at the top, and Lu spread p-nut butter on both sides, then sprinkled bird-seed all over the p-nut butter!
I used some ribbon and hung it from the tree.
And if you are sneaky you can catch your kiddo off in the corner of the yard lickin the p-nut butter off the butter knife lol!
Shes been watchin the squirrels attack the "bird feeders all morning" shes amazed!!! Super easy and Super fun! We made 2, but you can make all different shapes and sizes and hang them from every tree in the neighborhood :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

I just love reading other people's blogs, I get such great ideas and such. This year I wasn't sure about doing a Teacher Appreciation gift because I couldn't come up with a "good gift" then I ran across this I love that blog! And what a GREAT Idea! So I sat out on a trip to Wally World and came up with this.
First I found a box in the tackle section, also you could find one in the craft section (but they are actually about 2 bucks cheaper in the tackle section for nearly the same thing) I cut out some blue paper for the top of the box and dressed it with matching ribbon *Sorry it looks messy, I blocked out the teacher's name for her privacy*
Then I filled it with 2 things of hand sanitizer, some butterfly post its, highlighters, push pins, binder clips, and jolly rancher hard candies. I think it looks bright, and festive!! It also has all things in there I know she could use! And its better than a mug or an apple =)! I think we hit the teacher Jackpot this year and I am thankful everyday for Lu's teacher, especially after the bad experience we had last year. Now only if I can get this lucky until she finishes high school!!!
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Kids In the Kitchen - Lolipops

We made the easiest ever lolipops! Fun and tasty Jolly rancher lolipops!
First thing is first, preheat oven to 275 degrees. Then BUTTER genourously and I mean genourously a non stick cookie sheet.
Then have your kiddo un-wrap the candies and place 3 as pictured above. This would be good for teching kiddos colors. Lu is old enough that she was just worried about mixing flavors! And she had fun doing that!
Lu tried to move them to the oven but then got the giggle bug :)! Place in oven for 6 mins and NO MORE! As soon as you get them out place a lolipop stick in the middle of each pop *remember to only touch the stick itself as the pan is still warm*
And there you have it ... Lollipops simple huh! My suggestion is to use a pizza slicer to remove them, that was the best tool. And don't forget to butter or grease that pan GOOD! Or they will break! They were YUMMY!
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Are you READY?? IT'S A ...........

                                           Are you ready???? DRUM ROLL PLEASE ....
YES - thats right we are adding a little girl to our family.
And Lu could not be more EXCITED!!! She's been carrying a picture around all weekend showing off her baby sister!!! Just for those of you that have been following my pregnancy .. I am a little over 16 weeks pregnant ... ALMOST half way there! Baby is nice and healthy with a good fast heartbeat! As for me, I am doing well ... A Little tired but other than that I am great. We have picked the name Tierney and for those of you that are going to ask me how to pronouce it it is TEAR-KNEE *my whole family has asked me how to say it LOL* yes it's a different name but we love it!