Sunday, May 24, 2009

BlueBerry Picking

Who doesnt LOVE some good blueberry pickin? Thanks to Run DMT, I was able to find out about this great U-pick Blueberry farm close to my house!
Lu had an absolute blast, it was great, she would find a big one or a few nice ripe blue one and RUN so fast yelling " found one mom look look, theres a whole bush here see!?"

We stayed about an hour, got 1.7 lbs (which at first I thought was more than plenty) mostly because I don't buy them at the store, unless they are on major sale, bc they are just to expensive!
The only reason we left was because mother nature blessed us with RAIN and alot of it!!! But up until it starting pouring it was nice outside, not muddy at the farm or anything it was great! The owner/worker (I'm not sure which) was wonderful, she told us to eat right off the trees... UM UM so we probably got a quarter of a lb in our bellies :) (thanks to the fact that they are an organic, non pesticide farm, you gotta love that and at only $4 a lb)

I think I might have to seek out more blueberry sales when its not pickin season, because we popped them in our mouth like little candies the whole afternoon, and what a healthy alternative to candy which is what we usually eat instead!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Aren't those berries delicious? Did he tell you how to freeze them?

    When berries go on sale this summer, make sure you do stock up on them. We love banana blueberry yogurt smoothies in our house on a hot summer's day. :-)

    Thanks for the plug, too. :-)