Monday, May 4, 2009

From DRAB to FAB

Okay so heres my big question of the day .. does anyone know how much it actually cost to buy new coffee and end tables? Thats right folks, an upward of $500 or more, and quite frankly no thanks!
I have looked on craigslist for weeks but nothing, nothing that I wanted or that was big enough to fit my space with our new sectional. Lately we've been doing alot of remodling, and the DAY AFTER we finished the kitchen and floor, a coupon for Lowes pops in the mail, great I'm done buying stuff from Lowes, hello, they should have ESP on me!!! However they were really great when I brought the recipt in and asked for the coupon price .. $25 bucks, hey thats no chump change when you can turn some coffee and end tables from that ....

to this .... (and the camera wigged out on me they look great in person, or so I think anyways) ..

and this ... Mind you I didn't even spend the $25 whole dollars I recieved back, I spent $12.50 thats right, for a brand new look, In the return pile was black/charcol paint for $3 with glass frost for $4 and some change, and a sander for a couple bucks.

all day of hard work, and trust me it was painfully hard painting on my knees and hands in creases and such, but man, don't they look great? And you should see them against the wonderful new floors ... whatcha can do with a little paint!

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