Thursday, May 14, 2009


I blogged weeks ago about my little Lu's first loose tooth, and well tonight she lost it, does she look gorgeous! This is actually one of my fav pics ever, that smile is like no other!
So.. heres the story, shes sitting in the bath (I already know it is VERY loose, bc shes been updating me daily) and I hear "mom would you come here, look under my tounge do I have a sore? I can taste blood" I say "I dont see a sore" (all the while I am kinda moving her tooth a little telling her I'm looking for the blood, sneaky mom) My fingers were to slippery so I grab some toliet paper and said "oh I think I see it, let me dry the blood up w/ the toilet paper" and willingly she opend wide, and I just pulled, and she said " you find the sore?" HAHA I said no but I found this, showing her the tooth in my hand, and she said "I didn't feel it wow" she jumped out of the tub soakin wet looked in the mirror and ran to the living room saying JOSHY LOOK LOOK mommy's got my tooth! Oh you gotta just love it!

The best part is, I put it in a baggy and we placed it UNDER her pillow for the "tooth fairy" when I came back to check on her, she had taken the tooth from under the pillow and put it ON TOP so the "fairy" could see it, and moved her head way off the pillow, so of course that tooth can be found by the fairy, I wish you could see the bag with the tooth in this pic but it didn't show in the picture, however it is right above her hand that is stretched out!


  1. YAY!! I can't believe you were actually able to do that!

    BTW. we got the invite and right away Aiden said "but I thought Laney was having a Hannah Montanna birthday party". Kids remember these things!