Friday, May 8, 2009

Fridays Fav Five

Its Friday again! I almost didn't do FFF beacuse I couldn't think of anything spectacular, I had a migrane for most of the week, and am in a BLAH mood. But I got to thinking this is my favorite blog carnival so I had to think of 5 things how hard could that be... right? So here it is!

1) My daughter was the math club winner for the entire kindergarden grade, and when she brough me home that certificate, not only was I the proudest mom ever, but it was by far my fav moment of the week!

2) Ikea opened up here in Tampa on Wednesday, and I am stoked, I am going tomorrow. I've never been but you have no idea how excited I am, I would have went Wednesday, but umm.. there was actually a shuttle bus bringing people from 3 miles away where they had to park, due to the lack of no parking! So.. go check it out online if you don't have one near by.

3) I am also glad Danny and Kris made it to the final 3, I usually chatter about idol, you can see that here and here I do not like Adam, and I thought for sure he shoulda and coulda went home last week, what does america see in him? EVERYTHING sounds the same EVERYTHING, country is rock, classical is rock, disco is rock, rock is rock, and I like rock, but he squeals, and blah.. just dont get me started! I was also so mad that they had rock for a genre this close to the end .. lets see 4 finalists left but only 1 sings rock... so Allison got the raw end of the deal! but whatever! I am still a Danny and Kris fan (more Kris than Danny) but they will both go on to do great things! Can you see I'm addicted to Idol? LOL

4) Baking Wednesday with Lu, no matter whats going on during the week or how bad I feel, I never skip baking Wednesday with Lu, and I love that quality time with her! It also makes all my worries go away and also I get to eat YUMMY food!

5) My beatiful mother's day card from Lu .. It is shaped in a tea pot, with a specialty tea bag and says "when I am good I am as good as I can be, and when I am bad sit down and enjoy a cup of tea" I just enjoy getting the little reminders that mothers matter!

Have a good weekend all, and Happy mother's day to all the Mothers, thank you for continually reading my blog!


  1. You have a great list! And that is so great your cook with your daughter, those were some of my best memories being in the kitchen with my mom and grandma :)

  2. Migraines are tough...glad you are feeling better! I love your dds went Mom's Day shopping for me...ohhh can hardly wait lol

  3. Sounds like a great week. Enjoy Ikea, I love that store!

  4. Congratulations to Lu! Hurray! I hope you're feeling better now and can enjoy Mother's Day.

  5. Sorry you had a migrane this week - hope you are feeling better now.

    This is a terrific list - especially considering you weren't feeling real good.

    Ikea is an adventure, for sure! Have fun.

    Love that you have a weekly baking date with your daughter.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I've done that tea pot Mother's Day card with my dayhome children and it's always been a hit with the moms. So cute.

    Yeah, don't get me going on American Idol. I'm not an Adam fan either. I find it amazing that they basically praise him for turning every genre into rock but when Kris spun his rock song into his style they trashed him for it. I was really disappointed in the show this week as it seemed so set up to favor getting Adam into the finals. I know they set the genres before the season starts but letting him go first and last seemed a little too obvious to me. I told ya not to get me started. LOL. But seriously not taking away from the guy's talent but I would just never buy a CD or go to any of Adam's concerts, especially after seeing some of his work on youtube and I wouldn't want my kids going either. Anyway, I'm really glad Kris made it through!

    Ikea is great. Wear good walking shoes, though. It is huge!