Friday, May 29, 2009

Calling all Help ...

I usually don't blog about this stuff, but desperate situations call for desperate measures LOL! My little Lu will be 6 this coming Wednesday (wow not so little anymore) And I am at a loss as what to get her A COMPLETE LOSS, I mean I've been to the learning store (which is great and I'll go back I'm sure with a clear mind one day ...) to Walmart, Target, the Dollar store, Toys r us ... you name it we've been there, and I walk out of every store saying, maybe we should just go back to "so and so" and get her this or that, never actually leaving with a gift.

I see all these great homemade toys, games, trinkets, and all the ones from the stores to .. hello why doesn't the stores here carry those cool items? Am I missing something, no probably just over thinking it, hey lets face it, every parent gets tired of spending money on the toys that get thrown in the corners, I know I do, and it happends at least once a year weather it be birthday, Christmas, Easter ect... I actually want to get my dearest Lu something she will LOVE and not want to put down for weeks on end .. maybe shes just a hard kid to buy for YES THATS IT, she is I swear, I mean "mommy I want this, that and the other" just don't fly because I say to myself, didn't I get you something like that last time and now it sits lonely in the bottom of a toy box? Oh the kid! She loves crafts, games, building stuff or things you can put together, so I've thought about it, and I wanna come up with something great .. must have a mind block!

So heres where ya'll come in, I need names of things, stores, tell me tell me, so that I NO longer have to blog at midnight about my perdicament, and yes to my sister Brandy whom I know will read this and have so many great Ideas, I want details on where you find these great things!

Oh man, whats going to happen when shes 13, and wants the things that are unimaginable? I'm in for it if I am having problems now!


  1. Looks like you guys enjoy baking quite a bit. Does Lu have her own little baking kit? Maybe a mini rolling pin, some cute cookie cutters, a kid-sized apron, a little wooden spoon... You could place them all inside a metal mixing bowl. Oh, and definitely a cute cookbook like this one!!

    Another suggestion is a gardening kit. My daughter absolutely loves hers and has used it all summer! Same basic idea, but you place kid-sized garden tools and seed packets in a terra cotta pot.

  2. Do you have a Build a Bear workshop near you? I think she would love something like that : ).

    Does she like taking pictures? I got Kaishon a set of three throw away cameras once and he had SO much fun taking pictures.

    How about plants? Would she like planting her own little garden? I just got Kaishon a kit for planting things for the 12 months of the year.

    Good luck!