Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apron Craft Project

Tonight we did an Apron craft, and Laney's creative juices flowed. It was fun to watch, and I RARELY ever let her use paint because its so messy, proving my point we both got it on our shirts (which I qiuckly ran and washed out so it wouldn't stain, afterall it is fabric paint!) But we had a good time! <---- and the finished product is cute.
First we started with a blank slate, I got this from walmart for just a couple bucks!

She made a pink and purple birthday cake, with 6 candles *she must be thinking of her upcoming birthday*

She drew her name, and LOTS of hearts, along with cake pops, she drew a stick figure of her licking a cake pop, and then a stick figure of her wearing a "pretty" dress!

Oh .. and lets now forget the cinnimon buns she drew near the bottom, gotta love how children think! She did a great JOB!


  1. Oh I LOVE her cute apron! She really does a good job drawing.

  2. That's really impressive. She's got skillz. I'm with you on not using paint often, but ... she really did a great job!