Thursday, May 21, 2009


If anyone reads my blog than they know how happy I am after last nights American Idol Finale! I absolutley think American got it right!! YAY! Go Kris! Lets just say this much, I haven't watched American Idol in 2 or more years, it sometimes gets boring and repetative! Most of the time America doesn't even ALMOST get it right! I will say that they are BOTH talented! However my type of singer isn't screaming through half the song! Adam takes EVERY SONG ... classical, country, hip hop, blues and whatever elese, and turns it into some kind of rock KISS rendition! So for those who love that music than Adam is for them. I agree with alot of people either you love Adam or you don't and I don't. I think he will go far in life and appeal to alot of people, the ones that do love him! He is VERY theatrical, I think theater would be great for him, I mean because for me, its hard to visualize him singing without his performance put on. I am not sure the average AI watcher is rock hard core, theatrical, black nail polish wearing. Lets also go into the fact that good lord the judges SHOVED Adam in our faces! I think that put a sour taste in alot of peoples mouths, and I disagree with them having PICKED A FAVORITE! They should have been professional enough to talk about the performance at hand instead of going into "how he's the best and should win and blah blah blah"
Doesn't America want a Idol that can sing every kind of music and make it sound good? Thats what I want to hear anyway! I think alot of people underestimated this wholesome guy next door, a college kid, happily married to a cute girl. Really he was the underdog, and that is appealing to his fans, I also think that the Danny Goeky fans were gonna make sure that Kris be the winner (and glad for that) I think Kris makes every song his own, hes talented, hansome, instrumental, and was a delight to watch, he grew with every performance, took the judges advice most of the time, didn't let the judges critisim or "favorit pick of Adam" get him down. I am glad that Kris got the confidence he needed to show everyone he could do this! I would definatley run out and buy a CD that Kris produces, and I wish him the best of luck! They have had a few great AMERICAN IDOLS such as Carry Underwood, so I hope Kris does JUST AS WELL OR BETTER!

I think Kris, Adam, Danny and Allsion will go far, their names and faces are out there now and I think that all 4 of them will have a little fame and fortune at some point! The Finale was actually good this year, unlike previous years lame and boring, they had good names and singers on the show, the AI awards were funny and added a little humor, Keith Urban and Kris Did wonderful, and how about Allison and Cindy Lauper? I think this year the judges did have a hand in picking the best talent they have had so far...
But for the time being WAY TO GO america! We all did a great job picking such a talented singer, I for one know I voted, and finally have faith back in AI i might just watch it again next year!

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