Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Watermelon Carrier!

As soon as Lu hopped in the car from school, she had noticed that I'd been to the grocery and she saw a nice big watermelon! She always helps me carry the lite bags in the house! But today she INSISTED that shes a big girl and she should carry the watermelon. I offered to help, but she said no. So I ran inside to grab the camera because the watermelon is as big as she is! I knew this would be camera worthy and it was! She dropped it atleat 3 times!
But picking it up was funnier .. Oh you shoulda been here HAHA! If you look closely she looks bow-legged!

She finally grasped it, and RAN! Like the wind! Did i mention the ground was wet, the watermelon was slippery and it had been raining all day? Hey I asked to help her! LOL

OH the sweet rewards! mm mm she loves her watermelon!

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