Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baking Wednesday with Laney: Chocolate Cream Pie!

Its that time again, baking Wednesday, I only have 3 Loyal readers, so I am sure you know, and If you don't heres a refresher, Laney and I always bake on Wednesdays * hints the baking Wednesday with Laney* Over the last few months we have just found a connection in the kitchen especially with SWEETS! Last week we did cake pops recipe found on This week however my dear Joshy (my Fiancee) has been begging me for a chocolate cream pie, and that is exactly what he got!

Doesn't she look so cute? Yet so grown up. I need to put this picture in the "priceless" category!

Here it is ready to eat, I had it in the fridge chilling for 2 hrs but it didnt hold its shape, yet tasted very YUM! I would make it again and again!

now its half gone ... oh just what we need more sugar!!!
heres how to make it ..
You need:
1 pkg. fat free/sugar free choc. instant pudding
1 small container of heavy whipping crm
1 graham cracker crust
a handful of sugar
a small piece of chocolate (i had morsels left over from another recipe, and just grated them to look shaved over the top of the whipped crm)
First make pudding according to directions .. set in fridge to chill
put a handful of sugar (about 3 tbsp.) in bowl with whipping crm, beat with mixer on high until peaks form.
take pudding out of fridge, pour in crust, then pour whipped crm over top of the pudding, and shave (or grate) chocolate pieces over top to make the pie look pretty VOILA! that was simple, now chill for a couple hrs in fridge then ENJOY!


  1. that's NOT how I told you to make it. What happened to the condensed milk? and you weren't supposed to make the pudding according to directions, that's probably why it wouldn't hold shape.

  2. Aw, that's an awesome tradition to have to bond with your daughter. I'm sure it's something she'll never forget.