Thursday, April 23, 2009

Idol Chatter

Okay, so I havent watched American Idol in years, but due to my lack of going anywhere or often refered as being a homebody, I've become T.V. indulged. Hey its actually something I enjoy, and I've been recording EVERYTHING! Which leads me back to my topic, of American Idol, this year they have great talent, and you cant watch it on DVR you have to watch it live, bc voting is essential, especially when they have talent like this season .. leads me to this point .. AMERICA finally got it right! Send Lil' and Anoop home last night. I was sad to see Anoop go, he's genuine, and sincere and an all around good singer, just not goot enough, as for Lil' god I'm way over her! I put my votes in .. 10 per phone, used all the phones we have! LOL I'm still a Danny, Matt and Kris fan! I do have to admit It's interesting to get into a show this much! All these guys will go on to have a record label Idol or not!

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