Monday, June 1, 2009


PERFECT! Found that perfect gift! Thank you to all of those who emailed and commented me, giving their suggestions! I know Lu LOVES to bake and cook, and what better way than in style, with little bitty cooking gear?
I filled a PINK collander with a "Fun Cookie Dough Cookbook" a wisk, tongs, rolling pin, 2 different kinds of spatulas, a icing scraper, a citrus peeler, a mini muffin tin, and of course an ice pop maker. I have a feeling she will love it, and all the items are "kid" sized, though I did SEARCH the earth for these "kid" sized things it was worth it, I got things at different places, bc not one stored carried all kinds of goodies just a few here and there!
So if anyone wants to do something similar, heres where I found my stuff ... both spatulas, wisk, tongs, and icing scraper came from the Webster Flea market, in their brand new item portion of the market, for $1 a piece, the ice pop maker came from the good ole' dollar tree, citrus peeler from walmart for less than $1, the rolling pin and collander came from marshalls both were $5.99 a piece (yes that was a splurge, but the rest wasn't to badly priced), the mini muffin tin came from ross for $4.99 and of course that fun cookbook came from Barnes n Nobles, on the bargin table for $7.00 bucks! So, about $30 bucks all in all, good gift, not pricey and if you hunt you can get all these great things too!

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