Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Craft Playdate

Ok, I just want all of you mom bloggers, that attend playdates to know that I seriously have the BEST mom group out there! These ladies are truly wonderful!
And with that said, we had a craft/story time playdate! Which was tons of FUN!
The kids made fire works from straw, paint, and construction paper, all that we did was put drops of dilluted paint (or watered down paint) onto the papers and blew closely to the paper, the paint dispursed itself around the paper making a firework effect! I don't know where all my pictures are, I end up erasing half of them on accident when I get them on blogger bc the picture format confuses me!!We also took sponges (bought from the dollar stor 4 sponges for $1) cut shapes, stars, hearts ect... and used red, white and blue paint ... Both projects were such a hit, we are going to do more craft dates! Sara (which I had her pic here where its at I dont know!) Loved the arts and crafts so much and shes only 2!!!! can you believe how early they learn?? Heres our Finished products!!! Beatiful right??? Framing that work!!!

For Story time we read WOW AMERICA by: Robert Neubecker, what a great book for the kids, we kept the forth of july theme going for story time, and for snack time, with patriotic cupcakes, pretzel sparklers (which I will blog about tomorrow for kids in the kitchen), a wonderful trifle, and crackers that has slami with star cheese (such a creative minded group of women)

Also, unbeknownst to me, one mom brought this wonderful birthday cake for me, and some of the other ladies showered me me cards and gifts!! Thank you so much Ladies, I am truly blessed to have you all as friends!
As Always I like to share my pictures and stories with others so Head to Seven Clown Circus, for more Wordful Wednesdays.


  1. That looks like TONS of fun!! I am so jealous! I am trying to get my moms group to just figure out a date! Sheesh, how awesome is that! What fun.

  2. I think I'm gonna let my kiddos try the straw blowing tomorrow.

  3. What a fun project! I will have to try that with my little guy- he'll love it!