Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lu's letter from Abby

Yesterday Lu recieved her first letter from our letter exchange. It was from a little girl named Abby in SC, we wrote her last week. Lu was SOOOO thrilled, I took a letter of her holding the envelope but decided not to put it on here bc of the addresses! Non the less she thought it was so awsome, in fact last night when we sat down to write another letter to a little boy from our exchange, she said "can we write Abby too, I have more to tell her, and I think its cool she has a cat, MOM I WANT A DOG, can I have a Dog so I can tell Abby I have one??" LOL She is so stankin cute! Thanks to Abby and her Mom for participating, I think we just might right Abby again,
Lu recieved a beatiful picture that abby painted and glued on the back of the picture was a letter, along with Wikki sticks, which if you read my blog then you know I am a fan of wikki sticks, and some stickers, I am glad this has been a huge hit, Lu loves it, THANKS ABBY!
This morning we finally got our 2nd letter out to a little boy in TX, can't wait for it to arrive!


  1. Awwwww.... so cute, and what a great surprise for Lu! She must have been so excited!!

  2. So glad she liked the letter. So fun having a pen pal. Once you get caught up on your letter writing - we would love to do it again. :)
    I plan to blog about this - just running behind.