Friday, July 10, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday - Ice cream Social

I know I know, we are SOOO late on our Kid Friendly Friday post, I mean gee whiz its almost Saturday LOL ... but if you knew the horribly busy busy day I've had you just might cut me a little slack! I am sure glad to be doing the KFF post again!!
Our Kid Friendly Friday is Ice cream Social, and If your like me, living in the sunny ... OH I mean RAINY Florida, than you know how important it has been to find indoor activities, because for the last 3 almost solid weeks, its been HOT, HUMID, and RAINY so what better than to do other than an ICE CREAM SOCIAL!
Lu and I had a few friends over on Wednesday, we had a good time chattering and mingling with our freinds ...
and of course all the kiddies LOVED to decorate their ice cream with these oh so ever sweet toppings!

Decorating of course took the kids longer than it did to eat, and they all went back for seconds ... what a surprise! And as always what more Kid Friendly than ice cream????
Jump over to Sarah's at I Blame My Mother for more Fun ideas on Kid Friendly Fridays.


  1. This is such a fun idea : ) We live in rainy Pennsylvania, but maybe we can do this during the week. Kaish and Naji would love it!

  2. Nice idea! I love the muffin/cupcake containers for toppings. I once saw an idea in a Family Fun magazine to do a "guess the flavor" ice cream thing. Buy a few different flavors, cover up the labels, and have each family memeber try to guess the different flavors. Simple but fun.