Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen Thursday- Banana Pudding

Welcome to this Thursdays edtion of Kids in the Kitchen, its been a hectic week around our house, I am so glad that we have cooking as "our thing" because it destresses us! Maybe one day Lu will be a chef *but I doubt it, bc of her love of animals, she'll probably be a vet* hey, she could mix the two and make "doggie treats" Okay, well I am rambling into lala land over here so lets get started, grab a button and get those Kids in the Kitchen!

Banana Pudding ... YUMO
This is what you'll need *plus water that isn't pictured*

We started by pouring one can of sweetened condensed milk (14 oz) into a bowl, if you look closely, Miss Lu is spelling out her name with the milk *crazy kid*

Then we added to the sweetened milk, 1 and 1/2 cups cold water, and stirred well! *Lu was being so goofy today, in almost every picture shes doing something, this one has her tounge out*
Lu then added the vanilla pudding (3.4 oz pkg) to the milk/water mixture and stirred well again, it became a smooth consistancy. It then went ito the fridge to set up while we prepared some other things ...
The next 2 pics are backward... *I know I ain't perfect either, I mess my pics up* SO we all know Lu poured the cream before she mixed it LOL
you will want 2 cups of heavy whipping cream, and a dash of sugar *my sis told me to put sugar in when using whipping crm back when I first started using whipping cream, so if she says something, I do it, LOL .. she is a good cook*

Then Lu mixed *gently* the whipping cream and the pudding mixture together. And set in the fridge to chill.

She peeled and sliced the nanners *I used 4 bc I had them on hand, and if I didn't use them quickly I would have had to throw them out*
I used my trifile bowl because I was taking it up to dear Joshy's work for the guys to have a treat. Lu layered it, she came up with the idea that the vanilla wafters MUST go on the bottom, so she started with cookies, bananas, pudding mixture, and layered it 3x we then crushed a few cookies on top for "prettiness" and put some on the sides, again for looks!

And final product is this ... to bad the guys at Joshy's work ate it up before I got any, but thats ok I am not a fan of bananas anyways! Everyone though asked for me to make it again, and I told them all to talk to my 6 year old I had nothing to do with it :)
As always, grab a button and join in, get your Kids in the Kitchen and have fun, it could be anything from kid friendly recipes, no bake items, baked items, dinner, lunch, hey it could be play dough you can eat ... lets have some fun, our kids will only be little for so long!!!
If you have participated with Kids in the Kitchen before than you know what to do, if you haven't please link your page in my comment section, at the end of Thursday I will edit my post linking everyone's page to mine, that way its quick and easy for everyone to check one anothers KITK post out .. look here and here to see how I did it the last 2 weeks!
Thanks a MILLION for continuing to participate in Kids In The Kitchen Thursdays! Let all your mom friends know so we can get this blog carnival rolling!

Shannon with potatoe sundaes
Holly with Key Lime Pie


  1. That looks great... and I'm not a fan of bananas either!

  2. Pudding looks yummy; the kids would love it. I'm not a big banana fan either.

    We made Mashed Potato Sundaes!!!

  3. Looks like Lu had a lot of fun putting this together! I always love seeing what she's cooking up on Kids in the Kitchen Thursdays.

  4. Looks yummy!

    Here's our key lime pie fudge: