Monday, July 20, 2009

First Letter of our Letter Exchange: Dear Abby

This is Lu's first letter of many letters to come from our letter exchanging! A few weeks back I posted this, and just what I hoped would happen did, people responded, and we have a lot of new little friends that Lu can write to!!! YAY!!! Her first letter is going to a little girl named Abby that lives a few states away from us, in SC. Lu was so excited, she kept saying "I will be her best friend forever!!" and of course she made me show her a picture from Abby's blog!

This is what we did ..... Lu marbled construction paper with blue, pink, and purple paints.

I then typed a letter, and she signed her name, and drew a picture of "her and Abby" in the corner.

From the marbled paper Lu made Abby a book mark, and then glued her letter to the back of the rest of the marbled paper, Oh and of course she stuck some stickers on, and even cut a few to put in the envelope for Abby.
I have a feeling my little Lu is going to want to keep writting her :) LOL.

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  1. How exciting to see a post about us. We can't wait to get Lu's mail. will keep you posted.