Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordful Wednesday ... Look at that CAKE!

My little Lu was in a cake "decorating" class a few weeks ago at camp (for one week) at the end of the week each kid got to bring home a cake that they decorated ... This is her creation, and the 2 holes in the cake were bubble gum she picked off before I snapped the picture ... needless to say I didn't get to eat a piece, but I added 2 cavities to my mouth just by looking at it ... if you look to closely the same may happen to you, just look at the MOUNDS of sprinkles she added! Oh but it is so PRETTY! She's already a little artist!
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  1. I bet she had a blast doing it. My son would ad everything he could to it and probably more.

  2. LOL! Hmmm......I think that I could avoid eating cake if they all looked like this. :)

    Happy WW!

  3. Adorable! A party staple in my house is a decorate your own cookie station. Kids love it- and I just turn the other way when it comes to the mountain of frosting and sprinkles they're attempting to snarf down!

  4. What a work of art! How fun for her.