Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen Thursday- 4th if July Pretzel Sparklers

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It is the week of July 4th so we are going to be festive today and make "Pretzel Sparklers"
All you need is a simple 4 ingredients Pretzel rods, sugar in the raw (or sprinkles), food coloring, Vanilla bark OR White Chocolate.

First things first, Lu colored the sugar so it would be ready for later. We put the sugar in a small container with a few drops of blue food coloring, and in another container we did the same thing with red.
and you will need to SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE ... until you see pretty colorful sugar crystals!
should look like this! Isnt it pretty! *Note* do not mix the 2 colors (we thought instead of sprinkling red and then blue we could mix them and get it done in one shot) WRONG it turned purple bad idea!! LOL so make sure the colors stay seperate!
Now, we break up the almond bark squares and place them in microwave safe bowl.
Place in microwave (back of label on bark will give you estimated time to microwave)

Then you will need to dip each pretzel in the bark, Lu found it much easier to tip the bowl up to get more on the pretzel. After this step it is important to take the extra couple seconds to let the excess drip off in the bowl.

Then sprinkle them with the sugar, I had Lu hold the pretzel and spoon over seperate bowls so that I didn't have to clean up sprinkle candies for weeks on end (sugar is like glitter it takes forever to clean up) Place them FLAT on a plate until bark is COMPLETLEY dry, then you can set them upright in a cup or container.
The End result is not only cute and festive but very fun to eat and all the kids enjoyed them! They are all gone already :(! Such a yummy quick snack. We will make these more, next time trying them with yoguart and raisins! ENJOY!!
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