Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Days

Okay, so I recently got a FEW emails asking me what Lu and I do all summer? Seriously??? Have you been reading my blog? LOL, have I become a lazy blogger? So I thought I would take my camera with me more often ... and just continue to keep snapping pictures ...
I actually think those emails are because alot of people have said how do you find stuff to do it rains and when it doesn't its too hot to be outside, yes it does rain and boy is it hot, but you adjust once you live in FL your entire life.

When its raining we go to the library .. ALOT, Lu loves the library, we go atleast once a week if not twice.
She checks out 5 books at a time (bc I feel we can keep track better with this amount) And she loves having different books to choose from for her bedtime stories and what not, she also likes to take them in the car with her to read!
We also stay indoors and color alot, Lu loves to color. Aunt Britt got her these cute flip flop shoes that you can color and make your "own" and Lu did that for an entire afternoon. This is her masterpiece, arent they beatiful?? She certainly is PROUD!

And when its not raining, well yes the hot weather is GREAT for a slip n slide adventure! Lu and her friend Kat had an afternoon of waterfun. (you can not have a slip n slide without a pot full of soapy water)
so when its hot, play in water, thats my theory and it works!

and if you are afraid of the water ... just swing, the cool breeze is nice when you swing too!

I thought I would snap a pic of this awsome double rainbow!!!
So now you see what we've been up to for the last week or so, and this morning we are going to the library again, this time as a playdate to see the "circus" at the library!


  1. I've been meaning to take Emily to the library for a few days now, and so far we just haven't gotten a chance to go yet. I'm hoping I can get there tomorrow. The slip and slide looks like a lot of fun!!