Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Bash

!!!!!The Birthday boy .... is FIVE!!!!! This weekend, my sister Brandy threw a birthday bash for my nephew who is turning 5 tomorrow! (How the time flies so very quickly, I swear yesterday he was born) Brandy is very good at throwing great/creative birthday parties ... this year it was all about Mario ...
Don't you just love the cars made out of Banana boxes :) They were painted to look like the "Mario game" all in a different color .. the children raced on a homemade track, it was more like an opstacle course very cool, you cant see it more here.

Little lissy could barely hold it up and run at the same time, so cute!

Aiden is making a wish .... I think he wished for aunt Sherry to become a millionaire HAHA

The tire swing enjoyed much attention!

as well as the slide, Lu loves inflatable bouncy/slides ... if you look closely my niece is right behind her!
That tire swing was a big hit, see even the adults had fun (my younger sis Britt and her boyfriend)

I leave you with on last picture, which I think is ABSOLUTLEY adorable. This little boy liked the cupcakes the best I think! I just love his face!!!

Don't you just love hanging out with family and friends having a grea ole' time?
Happy Birthday to my sweet, energentic, fun-loving nephew Aiden!!!
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  1. Oh you got some really good pictures of the kids in the cars!

  2. I love the box cars! Looks like such a fun party!!

  3. What a creative idea with the boxes! My four year old nephews would love that!

    Happy WW!

  4. What a cool birthday party. I am not creative at all and would have never thought of something so fun.

  5. What a creative mommy....your sister should be a party planner! So fun....

    Stopping by from WW.....

    Come by my blog I am having a hairbow giveaway..I'm following your blog!