Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen- Graham Goodies

Hi and Welcome to this weeks edition of Kids In the Kitchen on Thursdays! As you might have noticed, last week I finally got that Mr. Linky guy up and running *so excited about that* it is now so much easier to use, and therefore easier to look at everyones goodies!!!
This week I decided to go SIMPLE and I do mean simple, I know its near the end of the summer for alot of people, and all the moms out there are trying to ram in as much crafts, outside play, cooking, and library time we can get!! I know I am! So I decided to make something that didn't take long but still was DELISH!!
I got the idea from my sis Bran, and when she mentioned it I was like huh?? Because the way she described it was "tasting like an ice cream sandwhich" and my first thought was yah right those 2 ingredients taste like that HA! But as usual she was RIGHT! and I was surprised my this lovely and simple treat .. I almost dont even have to be in the kitchen at all, Lu did it ALL by herself, and I probably wouldn't have been in the kitchen if I didn't need pictures :)
I dont even know the name of these ... SO I am calling them Graham Goodies!! I didn't take a pic of the specific ingradients, just the end product, bc thats all you need graham crackers, and cool whip doesn't it look DELISH??
Lu broke the large grahams in half
spread it with whip cream ... yum
sandwhiched another piece of graham on top of the one with whipped cream
and then she wrapped them with platic wrap, stuck them in the freezer for an hour ...
and enjoyed ... they really did taste like ice cream sandwhichs, Lu said they were perfect for summer time cuz they were "cool" She also said they were SOO EASY to make, that if I wanted to relax one day she'd make her own snack ... I think that was a *hint hint mom moment* LOL we enjoyed making and eating these, and have made them twice in a week!

Thanks Bran for this great idea!
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  1. I love these and made them not too long ago. Our recipe had us spread the top cracker with hot fudge. Then, after putting the whipped topping on and second cracker, rolling the side in sprinkles (they stick to the whipped topping). I didn't like the sprinkles (the girls LOVED the colorful sprinkles) but liked the chocolate :) They do have chocolate and strawberry cool whip as well.

  2. No kids in the kitchen for me today....we are in party mode and are making slime for each party guest.

  3. Hey! This is our first time joining in, and I've been enjoying this series a lot over the summer. Thanks for hosting this! :-)

  4. Hi I saw this idea on Valerie's blog! I am excited to join in with you! One of my goals is to have a cooking night where the boys cook! This is perfect!! Cannot wait till next week since it is time for them to get to bed! What a great idea! I'll be back!

  5. Yum! We're going to have to try this!

  6. These would be good on my waistline too! LOL!