Monday, June 29, 2009

Grass Heads

Tonight Lu and I made Grass heads, isn't it adorable?? Sometimes I lack in the craft dept, so every now and again I try and remember to do something fun!
And.... it sure was a frugal project, they only thing that cost money was the grass seeds for $1 the rest we had on hand EXCEPT for the saw dust, I was told from a friend filling it with saw dust rather than soil was better, made the grass grow faster, and was less "muddy" Lowes was happy to give us an entire bag full for free *smiles all around*

I had an old pair of panthose, which I cut and we filled the bottom with the seeds, then saw dust, we used a beach shovel, and that worked WELL!
I had to push the saw dust down quite a bit, packing it in firmly and forming the "head"
Then Lu dipped it in water for a couple seconds, and we let it dry for about an hour or so. We went on a family walk, and came back to a mostly dried grass head.

Laney made a cute face on it, and it had to have hair, so we used "blonde" pipe cleaner.

And voila! We will have to put an updated picture on here when the grass starts to grow! We put it in an old sour cream container so we can water it!

NOW ......

This deserves its own seperate post!! Made my night, was so hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing long enough to snap pictures!

Before we started our grass head I was gathering the supplies, and came back to this!! Don't you love it?!! Hilarious! She said there are her PANTIES haha

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  1. hahaha! every little girl needs to try on panty hose!