Monday, July 6, 2009

Writting Letters

So last night I came up with the idea after Lu visited her cousins that live almost 2 hours away, that she write them a weekly letter. I know she misses them dearly, and doesn't get to see nearly enough because of the distance. But the distance holds nothing to the love these 3 cousins share between one another.
As soon as I mentioned it, of course Lu was on board, and I thought it was a great idea because at their ages, getting a letter in the mail with their name written on it is like the highlight of a week! So she sat down this afternoon, broke out the markers and bingo dobbers, and began to write away, the above picture if you look closely her lips are puckered together as she is sounding out the words she wants to write.

Aidman's says "Thank you for playing with me Sunday, I can not wait to see you soon, Love Laney"
Lissy's says "I had fun dressing up at your house, Love Laney"
Of course with hearts drawn all over to make it more "prettier"

The front was all decorated like a pretty card, with their names on the front.... Off to an envelope and ..... Into the mailbox they went! Maybe this will hold her over inbetween visits!