Friday, July 31, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday- Fork Painting

I can't even believe its Friday again ... another week gone by and I don't even have a clue of what I did this week, but more importantly another week of summer has past, and it is going quickly, I have SO MANY plans and crafts to do with Lu next week, so my Kid Friendly Friday may be bombarded with many things LOL.

We have been doing a letter exchange and if you read my blog than you know what I am talking about, if not look here, here, and here. Anyhow, I have been trying to get creative with the things we doing, because plain ole' painting on paper is getting boring, and when I set out the pain for Lu, I went to grab napkins for the mess, and low and behold were plastic forks *light in head flickered on* I never have let Lu paint with a fork, but why not right...
so here she is fork painting, she had 4 forks one for each color. She thought It was really cool.

Isn't that awsome?? You can paint with just about ANYTHING! no need to go to the store for things anymore, I can just shop for objects around my house!
We turned it into a small "cookobook" with some of Lu's favorite recipes, for the litttle boy she was writing the letter to, his mom and him participate EVERY week in our Kids in The Kitchen meme and Lu thought it would be cool to give a book of things he could make ALMOST ENTIRELY on his own!!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen- Graham Goodies

Hi and Welcome to this weeks edition of Kids In the Kitchen on Thursdays! As you might have noticed, last week I finally got that Mr. Linky guy up and running *so excited about that* it is now so much easier to use, and therefore easier to look at everyones goodies!!!
This week I decided to go SIMPLE and I do mean simple, I know its near the end of the summer for alot of people, and all the moms out there are trying to ram in as much crafts, outside play, cooking, and library time we can get!! I know I am! So I decided to make something that didn't take long but still was DELISH!!
I got the idea from my sis Bran, and when she mentioned it I was like huh?? Because the way she described it was "tasting like an ice cream sandwhich" and my first thought was yah right those 2 ingredients taste like that HA! But as usual she was RIGHT! and I was surprised my this lovely and simple treat .. I almost dont even have to be in the kitchen at all, Lu did it ALL by herself, and I probably wouldn't have been in the kitchen if I didn't need pictures :)
I dont even know the name of these ... SO I am calling them Graham Goodies!! I didn't take a pic of the specific ingradients, just the end product, bc thats all you need graham crackers, and cool whip doesn't it look DELISH??
Lu broke the large grahams in half
spread it with whip cream ... yum
sandwhiched another piece of graham on top of the one with whipped cream
and then she wrapped them with platic wrap, stuck them in the freezer for an hour ...
and enjoyed ... they really did taste like ice cream sandwhichs, Lu said they were perfect for summer time cuz they were "cool" She also said they were SOO EASY to make, that if I wanted to relax one day she'd make her own snack ... I think that was a *hint hint mom moment* LOL we enjoyed making and eating these, and have made them twice in a week!

Thanks Bran for this great idea!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lu's letter from Abby

Yesterday Lu recieved her first letter from our letter exchange. It was from a little girl named Abby in SC, we wrote her last week. Lu was SOOOO thrilled, I took a letter of her holding the envelope but decided not to put it on here bc of the addresses! Non the less she thought it was so awsome, in fact last night when we sat down to write another letter to a little boy from our exchange, she said "can we write Abby too, I have more to tell her, and I think its cool she has a cat, MOM I WANT A DOG, can I have a Dog so I can tell Abby I have one??" LOL She is so stankin cute! Thanks to Abby and her Mom for participating, I think we just might right Abby again,
Lu recieved a beatiful picture that abby painted and glued on the back of the picture was a letter, along with Wikki sticks, which if you read my blog then you know I am a fan of wikki sticks, and some stickers, I am glad this has been a huge hit, Lu loves it, THANKS ABBY!
This morning we finally got our 2nd letter out to a little boy in TX, can't wait for it to arrive!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Bash

!!!!!The Birthday boy .... is FIVE!!!!! This weekend, my sister Brandy threw a birthday bash for my nephew who is turning 5 tomorrow! (How the time flies so very quickly, I swear yesterday he was born) Brandy is very good at throwing great/creative birthday parties ... this year it was all about Mario ...
Don't you just love the cars made out of Banana boxes :) They were painted to look like the "Mario game" all in a different color .. the children raced on a homemade track, it was more like an opstacle course very cool, you cant see it more here.

Little lissy could barely hold it up and run at the same time, so cute!

Aiden is making a wish .... I think he wished for aunt Sherry to become a millionaire HAHA

The tire swing enjoyed much attention!

as well as the slide, Lu loves inflatable bouncy/slides ... if you look closely my niece is right behind her!
That tire swing was a big hit, see even the adults had fun (my younger sis Britt and her boyfriend)

I leave you with on last picture, which I think is ABSOLUTLEY adorable. This little boy liked the cupcakes the best I think! I just love his face!!!

Don't you just love hanging out with family and friends having a grea ole' time?
Happy Birthday to my sweet, energentic, fun-loving nephew Aiden!!!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday- Tooth Fairy Pillow (handmade rendition)

I know you all are thinking "what the heck am I looking at this little pillow for" well a good explanation, is even with my lack of sewing skills, and I mean it took me more than an hour to sew this little thing, but heres the deal, my little Lu has lost 2 teeth in 2 months, and I am sure there is no sign of that stopping anytime soon, I could went out and probably bought this cheaper, or saved the hassle but I wanted it to be "special" from me and made from the heart. As you can see there is a small pocket in the front for those little lost teeth. I made it last night while she was sleeping, showed it to her this morning when she woke up, and the most satisfying part was watching her hug it tightly sitting on the couch while we had "story time" before bed, and she made sure she went to bed with it :) ... oh it was worth the hour or more!!!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen Garlic Knots

Welcome to Kids In The Kitchen ... Guess what?? I finally got Mr. Linky WOOHOO! Thank you to my bloggy friend over at I Blame my Mother, she walked me through it! I stayed up for hours last night and could not figure how to get that Mr. Linky up, but now its here!!!

Here we go, On with the topic at hand, Kids in the Kitchen, Garlic Knots *YUMMY*

here are the ingredients: a ball of dough (the recipe calls for o1 10 oz refrigerated pizza crust dough) but the local pizzera sells a ball of dough for a buck, can't beat that, also 1/3 cup of olive oil, 3 tablespoons minced garlic, 5 tablespoons parm cheese, 3 tablespoons parsley, 1 teaspoon salt
*Most of the stuff will be in your pantry anyways!! Its primarily all spices and such*
-Preheat oven to 450 degrees-

Roll out the dough, Lu's favorite part.

we used a pizza slicer to cut strips, I thought it would be easiest for Lu. After you cut the strips, tie them into knots and stick in preheated oven, until golden brown.

While in the oven, you'll need to mix all the ingredients together ... garlic, salt

parm cheese, I love this pic, I was snapping while pouring cheese, I may have poured more into the bowl than on Lu's spoon LOL

next throw in the parsley, Lu saw no need to measure for this one, so she poured a little in the cap and then to the bowl *hey I let her experiment*

Then in goes the oil, I htought 1/3 cup was TOO much, makes the garlic and all not stick as well, so next time I will put in half of that,

I was wrong, this was her fav part, as soon as the knots come out of the oven, throw a few in the bowl, and shake shake shake, this was fun we all got in on the action.
and this time I had my big kid in the kitchen too!!!
Serve with Speghetti, and MMM MMM they are delish, first time we made them, and they were better than the frozen garlic breads or bread sticks, probably cheaper too, everything was on hand excpet for the dough which was just a buck. Lu gobbled them up, she asked if she could make them again tomorrow!
I've gotten a few comments and or emails that say Lu only makes dessert, which is PARTLY true, thats how it all started with the desserts, something she could make mostly on her own, she does help me with dinner, but it is hard to snapp pictures when my hands are engolfed in meat, or when I am helping her mostly with it, so thats why I wanted to change it up a bit this week, and besides it helps me learn what she can make, its so cool to watch her in the kitchen, non the less we did also make homemade brownies last night, because Joshy ALWAYS has a sweet tooth ... I think Lu will help me with a dessert every week because of the sweet teeth in my house :)

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Wordful Wednesday ... Look at that CAKE!

My little Lu was in a cake "decorating" class a few weeks ago at camp (for one week) at the end of the week each kid got to bring home a cake that they decorated ... This is her creation, and the 2 holes in the cake were bubble gum she picked off before I snapped the picture ... needless to say I didn't get to eat a piece, but I added 2 cavities to my mouth just by looking at it ... if you look to closely the same may happen to you, just look at the MOUNDS of sprinkles she added! Oh but it is so PRETTY! She's already a little artist!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

First Letter of our Letter Exchange: Dear Abby

This is Lu's first letter of many letters to come from our letter exchanging! A few weeks back I posted this, and just what I hoped would happen did, people responded, and we have a lot of new little friends that Lu can write to!!! YAY!!! Her first letter is going to a little girl named Abby that lives a few states away from us, in SC. Lu was so excited, she kept saying "I will be her best friend forever!!" and of course she made me show her a picture from Abby's blog!

This is what we did ..... Lu marbled construction paper with blue, pink, and purple paints.

I then typed a letter, and she signed her name, and drew a picture of "her and Abby" in the corner.

From the marbled paper Lu made Abby a book mark, and then glued her letter to the back of the rest of the marbled paper, Oh and of course she stuck some stickers on, and even cut a few to put in the envelope for Abby.
I have a feeling my little Lu is going to want to keep writting her :) LOL.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday- Shaving Cream Art

Wow! Is it Friday already? I always love to participate on Kid Friendly Fridays because I also get such good ideas from other bloggers!
This week Lu and I did shaving cream art work, which was featured in Family Fun magazine, which I love love love that magazine! It was so much fun to do, and really fun to watch Lu come up with a masterpiece!
You'll just need shaving cream, food coloring, a cookie sheet, paper, and toothpicks (I used a kabob stick bc we didn't have toothpicks)

I absolutley think this picture is adorable! Caught WHITE handed LOL!
The food coloring part was a bit messy, we washed our hands a good 5 times atleast!
I think swirling it was her favorite part, she loved mixing and matching colors and seeing what she could come up with!

And here is her work of art!!! Isnt it beatiful! I think shaving cream and kids go hand in hand, next time I will just put it all over the table minus the food coloring and let her have at it! I've heard it cleans real well!!?

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen Thursday- Banana Pudding

Welcome to this Thursdays edtion of Kids in the Kitchen, its been a hectic week around our house, I am so glad that we have cooking as "our thing" because it destresses us! Maybe one day Lu will be a chef *but I doubt it, bc of her love of animals, she'll probably be a vet* hey, she could mix the two and make "doggie treats" Okay, well I am rambling into lala land over here so lets get started, grab a button and get those Kids in the Kitchen!

Banana Pudding ... YUMO
This is what you'll need *plus water that isn't pictured*

We started by pouring one can of sweetened condensed milk (14 oz) into a bowl, if you look closely, Miss Lu is spelling out her name with the milk *crazy kid*

Then we added to the sweetened milk, 1 and 1/2 cups cold water, and stirred well! *Lu was being so goofy today, in almost every picture shes doing something, this one has her tounge out*
Lu then added the vanilla pudding (3.4 oz pkg) to the milk/water mixture and stirred well again, it became a smooth consistancy. It then went ito the fridge to set up while we prepared some other things ...
The next 2 pics are backward... *I know I ain't perfect either, I mess my pics up* SO we all know Lu poured the cream before she mixed it LOL
you will want 2 cups of heavy whipping cream, and a dash of sugar *my sis told me to put sugar in when using whipping crm back when I first started using whipping cream, so if she says something, I do it, LOL .. she is a good cook*

Then Lu mixed *gently* the whipping cream and the pudding mixture together. And set in the fridge to chill.

She peeled and sliced the nanners *I used 4 bc I had them on hand, and if I didn't use them quickly I would have had to throw them out*
I used my trifile bowl because I was taking it up to dear Joshy's work for the guys to have a treat. Lu layered it, she came up with the idea that the vanilla wafters MUST go on the bottom, so she started with cookies, bananas, pudding mixture, and layered it 3x we then crushed a few cookies on top for "prettiness" and put some on the sides, again for looks!

And final product is this ... to bad the guys at Joshy's work ate it up before I got any, but thats ok I am not a fan of bananas anyways! Everyone though asked for me to make it again, and I told them all to talk to my 6 year old I had nothing to do with it :)
As always, grab a button and join in, get your Kids in the Kitchen and have fun, it could be anything from kid friendly recipes, no bake items, baked items, dinner, lunch, hey it could be play dough you can eat ... lets have some fun, our kids will only be little for so long!!!
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Shannon with potatoe sundaes
Holly with Key Lime Pie