Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friendly Bottle Ghost!

Like I said in an earlier post this week, I finally got in the Halloween Spirit and the other day Lu and I made these cute ghost that I saw here. The only thing I did different than what she did in her tutorial was using smaller 20 oz bottles instead of 2 liter bottles. I love the way the turned out! They were SUPER SIMPLE and only needed a few things, most of which is usually laying around the house. I grabbed the bottles from the recycling bin, the construction paper and glue already on hand.
First put a few drops of paint ing (for this step I put just a DROP of water to help the paint coat easier and faster it worked well)
Shake or as in Lu's case she is just turning it over and over untl she got the desired results she wanted :)
*Have the adult cut 3 circles, 2 smaller and 1 large* Then Lu glued them on.
Lu's the ghost in the middle, can you see shes making the *oooo* sound LOL! These were so cute and I put one on each end table, I love it!
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Kids in The Kitchen- Candy Corn Popcorn balls

I am back with a more halloweenish/every day recipe! Last week I had to vere off the themes in order to satisfy my tummies craving LOL! We had alot of fun making these popcorn balls, they were simple, reminded me a bit of how rice crispies taste, nice and gooey! (when they are warm)
First melt 2 tbsp butter (please supervise your children closely at the stove)
And the melt 1/2 bag of small marshamallows (stirring alot)
While the marshmallows are melting measure 4 cups of popcorn and place in large bowl.and throw in some candy corn! (thats the halloween part) But for some reason popcorn balls are sold in the stores around Halloween does anyone know why?
*I don't usually take pictures for are Kids in The Kitchen and I look a mess but Lu insisted!* This part is for the ADULT ... pour the melted marshmallows in the bowl with the popcorn.And stir ..... the shape into small balls when the popcorn is cool enough to handle
And here ya have it ... candy corn popcorn balls mmm mmm good!

Don't forget to link up with your kid friendly recipes, favorite children's cookbooks, you and the kids in the kitchen or just simple ways to get your children to eat! See you all next week!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Hair cut!

My Little Girl got her Hair cut ..... Her Before ... pictured above
And after ...

after again ... isn't she just gorgeous!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tempt My Tummy Tuesdays-Pumkin Spice Bars

I thought this recipe would be a perfect post for Tempt My Tummy Tuesdays ... It being Fall and All this fits in a great festive category!
Yesterday my mommy group had a playdate and everyone brought a dish, when I saw these Pumkin Spice Bars over at My Family My Forever I knew I was going to make them! Only draw back...? I HATE pumkin, but I was willing to try it because I wanted to have something Halloweenish and because there were enough other flavors in it that I do like, I was hoping they would spruce it up and not make the pumkin so noticeable! And I am thankful I tried it, because I liked it ... everyone liked it, and there is NONE LEFT!
Heres the Recipe I got from My Family My Forever
3/4 stick melted butter
1 3/4 cup graham cracker crumbs
8 oz softened cream cheese
1 can of pumpkin
5 Tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup shredded coconut
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Caramel ice cream topping to drizzle on when serving

***The only modification I made were, I used 3/4 can of sweetened condensed milk instead of a whole can, I drizzled the caramel when I got it straight from the oven, I also did not use whip cream***

Combine melted butter and graham cracker crumbs in a bowl and mix well. Press into the bottom of a 9 x 13 inch pan. Bake for 8 minutes then remove from oven.
In a large bowl beat the pumpkin, cream cheese, sugar and cinnamon until well combined.
Spread evenly over graham cracker crust.
Sprinkle chocolate chips evenly over pumpkin layer. Follow with coconut.
Drizzle 3/4 can of condensed milk on top of this.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, or until top is golden brown. Drizzle caramel, cut into bars and serve!

See the wonderful party spread! MmmMmm Good food+ Good friend= Good times!
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - Halloween Cupcakes

Last week we didn't get to do MTM because we were SUPER busy Monday! I thought we were gonna have to skip again today, but low and behold we had our Mommy Group Halloween Party and before hand a couple of us had a "baking party" to make some goodies to take with us! And since the theme is Halloween/Fall I thought I could squeak by JUST BARELY TODAY :) Aren't these the cutest mummy cupcakes??? (made by Kaylee)
And the cute little ghosts tins were purchased at target ... sweet huh!? (made by me and Kelly)

And though we didn't have a FULL muffin tin, we had cute muffin/cupcake cups! I love em! Hope you enjoy! Next week I will have a better/real Muffin tin Meal! :) Like I said I squeaked by!
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No-Sew Halloween Tote

I am slowly getting into the Halloween spirit. Infact this weekend Lu and I made several "crafts" for Halloween decorations! Now I just have to catch up on my posting!

Every year we see those plastic pumkin buckets for a buck and if you want a cuter bag with a "super hero" on it your paying several bucks. I thought it would be nice to have a bag Lu could keep year after year!So I made this SUPER CUTE NO SEW tote bag! Doesn't she wear it so well??
And it can fit tons of candy inside! It cost $2 bucks, I bought 2 bandanas at walmart $1 a piece!
I cut along the boarder (where there is writing) making sure to make just one cut so it is a LONG strip. I put the 2 bandanas together and cut 2 inch strips around 2 sides, then all I did was tie them in double knots. For the strap I took all the long boarder pieces cut them in half (which leaves you with 4 pretty long strips) then I tied them together with a knot effect.

Isn't it so cute? If you make it comment and show me yours!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kids In The Kitchen-Mini Apple Pies

Well this post is going to look freakily familiar ... though I haven't actually "posted" it before just something like it, only a couple days ago! Look I am OBSESSED with those mini pop pie that I found over at Bakerella. The first batch I made was for the church bake sale and then the next day hubby talked us into makin a second batch but this time Lu whip up some homemade apple-pie filling I found over at I Blame My Mother (Oh it was fabulous!) and then we also used the left over cherry pie filling so we had alot of pies! This time instead of making the pops we just made our pies "mini" and used the largest sized bisquit cutter I have (I don't know the correct messurments, but I know its not HUGE) So here its is... I love this picture, it took a LONG time before Lu could actually peel it, so if you let your child do this part, remember to be PATIENT!
Chop the apples (I will admit my chopper didn't work quite like i'd planned, so I did cut them by hand too!) Pour in the MELTED butter
In goes cinnimon .... MmMmMm Lu put a Little more in than the recipe called for :) thats ok we like cinnimon!
And stir it up .... here is the filling recipe used from Sara
2 or 3 apples, peeled and chopped, we used Golden Delicious which is a great cooking apple
2 Tbs melted butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 Tbs flour
1/4 tsp cinnamon
Pie Crust - we used store bought, hence the "easy" in the title.
2/3 cup powdered sugar
1/8 tsp cinnamon
2 or 3 tsp apple juice
We did EVERYTHING EXCEPT add the apple juice ... only bc I forgortThen we prepared the pied which you can find the recipe on my previous post here

And here they are in all they're GLORY! So good, the Cherry pie ones ... the juice leaked out so you see those more, but the apple pies LOOKED and tasted perfect and no leakage!!! Have fun these are great go try them!!!
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I am so DOUBLE DIPPING this week and also linking this up to Kid Friendly Friday and We made It! Showcase Friday .... We actually have a life now you know ... Church, Soccer, Bible Study, Homework, Work, School no more being Suzie Homemaker and Betty Crocker for me :) so I am only producing a couple posts now-a-days Owell Im trying! And plus this was the first week with NO participants with Kids in The Kitchen so I figured it was okay to Double Dip my post :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumkin Patch-Wordless Wednesday

I am just really loving fall this year! We went to a pumkin patch/corn maze over the weekend and it was such a blast! This picture is so goofy I love it! This is my great little family!
There were rows of sunflowers
And tons of HAY!
Just thought I would share one great weekend trip :) Click here, here, and here to more great pictures!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I seriously love looking at other blogs ... it makes my day ... sometimes even my week, when I find something totally cute! While surfing around a while back I found these super cute Pie-Pops over at non other than Bakerella.
Cute right? Well I thought it would be super fun for Lu and I to do together for the church bake-sale tomorrow! She's such a great helper!
I should open my own shop and she should be my first employee ... but I gotta wait 10 yrs no need to break Fl Child labor working laws LOL!
She'd be a good customer too cause she eats everything we make :)
And they look super cute right? make sure to check it out here for the FULL recipe

I also made a few mini pies (without the popcicle sticks and one size cookie/bisquit cutter bigger)
*Update-I made more of the mini pies last night with homemade apple pie filling and it was SUPER DELISH! Also these are so much better the second day! And don't forget if you are making the bigger MINI pies *shown directly above* it needs a smidgen more filling than the pie-pops*

I am also Linking this up to Tempt My Tummy Tuesday

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finger Painting Pumkins

Wow this week has been super crazy!!! I feel like I haven't blogged at all!!! *Probably because I haven't really* We are trying to get into the Halloween Spirit around here!! Infact we were out shopping last night for Lu's costume *Fancy Nancy At Bedtime* how cute is that right??? And then at our last playdate we FINGER PAINTED pumpkins...I thought this was so much fun because even the littlest of little kids could participate! *Since I try real hard not to put pictures of the group on here there will only be a FEW of Lu bc most of the pictures I took had her plus others in it*

I put out Black,White, and Orange paint *Lu was the only one that used a brush, she was the oldest and most technical there LOL* I even had to go get her sequins to fancy her pumkin up!

And it was alot of FUN! If you haven't finger painted pumkins do it, they make for nice display on the coffee table or center of dinning room table :)
Im a day late but still gonna link up to Kid Friendly Friday and We Made it Showcase Friday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kids In the Kitchen - Halloween

This week has not been a very good one. Infact I have nothing to show you guys, I have been layed up in the bed all week with a kidney stone (THANK GOD its now passed) but I didn't have the strength to cook/bake or fake my happiness in the kitchen this week :( sorry about that! Instead though I have scowered the internet and I am linking you guys up to some cool Halloween treats out there that could eaisly be made with the kiddos!!!

The Picky Palate has some insanely great ideas with Oozing Apple Mouths, Bug-apiller Banana Dude, & Breadstick Mummy Dogs

Check out these Icky Intestines over at Canary Girl
These "Lady Fingers" are sure to get the kids a little spooked out!

Of course Family Fun never has a shortage of ideas!! I love their take on Salty Bones, These Eyeballs look EASY PEASY to make, The Cheese-Finger Food is to cute and what kid doesn't like cheese, And i just love their Pizza Mummies

You also get alot of good ideas when you stop by Bakerella such as her Trixed out Treats, I've been eyeing these Pumkin Pie Bites for weeks, Of course here Halloween Pops are to cute as well!

Fun Snacks 4 Kids also shares a few Halloween Treats ... really easy for the preschooler to make!

Last week Adventures of a Flake left some really good ideas on what to do with a Cooking Pumkin!

And Finally The Decorated Cookie has some super CUTE Monster cookies the kiddos would be sure to love!!

I hope I have given you guys some good "References" to check out get in the "Halloween Spirit" And I will be back next week with some great new stuff from the Kitchen of my Little Lu!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

MTM-Kabob Monsters

Seriously I love love love cute food! Especially when its cute kid food! Who doesn't love cute kid food? I have only come acrossed a handful (or less) blogs thats cater toward kid's snack/food I peek every now and again at Little Nummies and I loved her idea of Monsters on a Stick.
I knew exactly what I was going to do for Kabob Muffin Tin Monday and in some weird way or another it also fit into my "Halloween" theme for this month every time I blog about food Monsters=Haloween right? (but don't expect that next Monday LOL)
So here is my take on "Kabob Monsters" Too cute right? I followed the directions almost to a T, so check it out here if you wanna learn how. You only need a handful of items, which are things usually kept around the house anyways.
She was looking in disbelief at my creativity lol! She named them from left to right: Ant Monster, Silly Monster, and CuCu Monster!
Happy Muffin Tin Monday! I had fun with this one!
Check out Her Cup OverFloweth for more great MTM ideas!!
If you know of any Kid food/snack blogs please let me know, I'd love to get more ideas for Lu!