Sunday, November 28, 2010

Matching Thanksgiving Dresses

This year for Thanksgiving I made the girls matching dresses!
Aren't they too adorable? I followed the tutorial for Tierney's here! Isn't she getting so BIG?! 7 weeks already!
Lu's tutorial was a mixture of a few different ones, there are so many t-shirt turned dress tutorials out there! And I think its looks so cute on her!
This is my neice Lissy with the pillowcase dress, following the tutorial here, originally this was meant for Lu but on Thanksgiving Eve I tried it on her and decided pillowcase dresses look cuter on younger kids, and I needed something more "grown up and sophisticated" for here ... thats when the t-shirt dress came about!

I love how all the dresses are different styles, yet they match and look too cute!
The love of COUSINS!

Hope you all had a joyous Thanksgiving, this year and every year I am blessed with wonderful family and friends!
Thank you all for continuing to read my blog even though its been very sparce lately! Hopefully I will have some Christmas projects to share soon!