Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen

Today, we have no Kids In the Kitchen post. Lu wanted to plant flowers rather than be in the kitchen. Which I will post with pictures later.
However, please feel free to link up, and we will be back with more great ideas next Thursday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Felt Flowers!

I have been crafting AGAIN! :) And behind on many posts, but I will get around to it! I have friends that are popping out babies everywhere LOL! So I've been makin bibs, burp cloths, bow ties, binkie clips, felt flowers, hairbows, you name it I'm doing it! And pretty soon I will be makin my "new" little one some great stuff!
Felt flowers have been all the rage for a little while now so I tried my hand at them!
And this is what I came up with!
you like? *excuse the crappy pictures, I don't know what is up with my camera*
Its easy ... the blue one is just a flower I cut in different sizes! And the grey and pink one tutorial found here however I did change it up a big, I made the felt longer and wrapped it twice for more depth and volume.
I put little alligator clips on the back of them and they are ready to wear!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kids in The Kitchen- Homemade Lemonade

It is starting to get NICE and WARM here in good ole' Florida! And I thought no better time to whip up one of Lu's favorites: Homemade Lemonade!!
She looks like she's squishing the lemon instead of rolling it .. but she got the juices flowin! And I love love love our lemon squeezer :)
you need 6 lemons *that'll make about a cup of juice* pour your lemon juice, 6 cups of water, and a cup of sugar into a pitcher.
I also cut up 2 whole lemons (after they were juiced) and threw them in for texture and taste!
Stir Stir Stir! and Lastly don't forget a taste test! Because according to Lu you can't even get a cup unless you've made sure its PERFECT =) and she said "MMMmmmm MMMmmmm taste like homemade lemonade, yummy"
Whats your favorite summer drink??
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen Hamburger Casserole

I do realize alot of you will take a look at this dish and ask me if I've lost my mind! But I haven't ... Its looks like dog mush and sounds a bit weird, but I think it is pretty good, however I don't cook it often because my dear hubby isn't in love with stuffing! So here goes .. Hamburger Casserole
brown and drain ground beef, in a bowl combine beef and 1 can Chunky Vegatable soup.
Don't you love Lu's consentration to open the can? I think its cute!
prepare a box of stuffing according to directions and combine that to the beef mixture and stir really well. Then dish into casserole dish, Lu started patting it down, it was quite funny! After you dished half of the mixture, put some shredded cheese over it, then dish the rest of it on top.
And top with more shredded cheese ... bake on 400 degrees for 35-40 mins and ENJOY! I think it taste pretty good and its super cheap to make =)
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little BELLY!!!

Please take my apologies in adavnce for the crappy-non-make-up wearing pictures!!
Thought I would share with you all a little pouch of a belly ... I am normally on the "smaller" side so I started showing rather quickly, in this picture I am 13 weeks and 2 days =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break Re-cap!

Warning: Picture overload!!!!
If you can't go on Vacation during Spring Break I say bring the Vacation to you!! I made sure Lu and I did something each day during her spring break to make it fun and memorable!
Monday we visited Lu's cousin's and went to the nearby Spray Park, fun day!
On Tuesday we went to see 'How to Train A Dragon' with some of Lu's favorite friends: cute movie!!
On Wednesday we hit the beach and boy am I thankful the beach is just 10 mins away! We will be there alot this Summer!!
On Thursday: Not pictured :( We visited the 'Tea Room' where Lu dressed up in all their neat clothes, hats and boa's and we had fancy tea sandwhiches.
On Friday we picked lots of yummy strawberries, here in FL bc of the weather they are trying to get rid of the strawberries and fast, its been a bad season, so they were a dollar a pound, not bad!
And lastly Saturday Laney went on the boat with some friends and Joshy, I couldn't go bc of the pregnancy and the rough tide, but lucky I was able to drive and meet everyone up for dinner and some fishing :)
Hopefully you all had a GREAT Spring Break too!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen

This week is Spring Break for us, so undoubtably we have been super super busy we've done something super fun each day *which I will post about sometime early next week* my plan for Kids in The Kitchen this week was not to do anything, with all the running around we've been doing there had been no time for anything in the kitchen, however last night Joshy worked late, so I cooked a "simple" dinner for just me and Lu and she wanted to help, which worked out great because it turned into my post! Well atleast now you know we aren't perfect with everything planned LOL! Oh you already knew that hehe!
We simply made fruit topped pancakes! With my silly little girl dancing while mixing the batter! Cutting up some bananas too!
And she made her own decked out fruit topped yumminess .... wish dinner was this simple everynight! =)
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Muffin tin Monday and More

Lu is on Spring Break this week, so I let her have a sleep over with her cousins last night, and this morning I went to pick her up *which is an hour and a half away* so anytime I go we spend the whole day we took the kids to the water park and had a picnic in our muffin tins!
We fixed leftovers from Easter:  Deviled eggs, strawberries, connect 4 candy game, rye bread, kielbasa, and veggies w/ dip.
The kiddies enjoyed playing in the water! While the girlies showed off ...
the boy relaxed LOL! Such like a little boy to find a cozy little spot!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen Chocolate Nest

In true Easter fashion we made "Chocolate Nest" this week for our Kids In The Kitchen Post!
Our nest were made from Haystacks
*1 cup of chow mein noodles and 1 cup of melted milk chocolate*
Lu topped them with "grass" green colored coconut
and "eggs" which were jelly beans
you can tell which ones Lu did and which one I did ... I only did one ... it has different colored jelly beans, but all of Lu's are color coordinated orange only in one nest, pink in the other and so on and forth ... haha! I love it!
Hope you all have a Happy Easter!
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