Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Still Here ...

Can you believe that Lu and I still actually do crafts and have fun?? My camera skills are getting weak though and I haven't been taking to many pictures, heck I've been sewing up a storm too for my friends baby shower gifts, I know SHAME on me for not posting, however recently I have gotten a few emails asking how we are ... so heres an update :)
I am 29 weeks pregnant, OH yes and I have the belly to prove it!
And heres all the bellies to prove all the baby showers I've been attending LOL! Lot of bibs, burp cloths, blankets and I have even whipped up a few wrist rattles:)
Lu is enjoying her summer, attending camps, and having fun with good ole' mom! I hope to be posting more soon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lots O' Meatballs!

Yesterday we took a trip to visit my sister and after hours of playing together the kids needed a little more hands on interaction so we put them to work rolling meatballs for our speghetti dinner, now neither my sister nor I had ever let our children touch raw meat before, so there was EXTRA handwashing involved!
But they actually loved it!
Lu picked out the meal bc thats her favorite!
Lis made itty-bitty meat balls
while Aidman made giant meat balls and they all enjoyed the fruits of their labor at dinner, Lu and Aidman had 2 giant helpings Yum Yum!
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen 4th Of July Goodie

I found this really great treat here when I was browsing the net the other day!
Looked nice and simple and delish, so Lu and I set out to make it!
We had most of the items on hand, and added a few of our "own" touches
We used pretzels *a couple handfuls*, about 12 oreo cookies, a handful of choco cheerios and a handful of honey nut cheerios, almond bark and M&M's ... YUM!
As pictured above Lu broke all the pretzels in half, and the oreos into small pieces, & threw on the cheerios. The Above picture is what is should look like before the almond bark goes on top!
I melted the almond bark and Lu put some red & blue M&M's over top, she was 3 steps ahead of me :) I wasn't done pouring the almond bark before she was already putting on the M&M's silly girl!
This is what is should look like now, let dry for about 30 mins or more THEN ....
Break into pieces, put in a nice big mug and let your guest have at it!! It was SOOO Yum and alot better than I expected! And to think, you can make so many variations :)
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