Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apron Craft Project

Tonight we did an Apron craft, and Laney's creative juices flowed. It was fun to watch, and I RARELY ever let her use paint because its so messy, proving my point we both got it on our shirts (which I qiuckly ran and washed out so it wouldn't stain, afterall it is fabric paint!) But we had a good time! <---- and the finished product is cute.
First we started with a blank slate, I got this from walmart for just a couple bucks!

She made a pink and purple birthday cake, with 6 candles *she must be thinking of her upcoming birthday*

She drew her name, and LOTS of hearts, along with cake pops, she drew a stick figure of her licking a cake pop, and then a stick figure of her wearing a "pretty" dress!

Oh .. and lets now forget the cinnimon buns she drew near the bottom, gotta love how children think! She did a great JOB!

Idol Chatter

Hello, were you guys watching what I was watching?? Must I say THANK YOU AMERICA for putting Adam in the bottom 3, oh yet the bottom 2, that was awsome, I think he is a good singer, but I dont care for him, he sounds ythe same every week, he takes country turns it into some weird rock like KISS rendition, and does the same thing with oldies, and disco, always the same and never good enough in my opinion, I hate watching him! I am sad to see Matt go, I like him and think hes good, and genuine, hopefully someone watching this will sign him, as I am sure has already happen! Can't wait to see who wins! Still a Danny fan! YAY for Danny, I believe he will win! Until next week... have a good one!

Things I love Thursday

Today I joined Things I Love Thursday at The Diaper Diaries, Its so good to remind yourself of the simple pleaseures in life you are thankful for! Which leads me to what I am thnakful for today! I am an avid coffee drinker, and If I dont have my morning cup o' joe I am GRUMPY! As usual on my days off I was late waking up, hurried Laney to get dressed at 7:30 with no time to spare I didn't have time to make a cup of coffee, THANK GOD for DD I do love their coffee, always get the med. carmel coffee, extra crm and sugar .. mm my mouth is watering, now I didn't like the $1.75 price, especially since I just bought a tub of coffee at the grocery YESTERDAY, but non the less, it was worth it, not to be grouchy LOL. So, today I am thankful for dunkin donuts, see... America Runs On Dunkin! (wow that was like a great commercial for them HEHE) except, my 2 of the 3 loyal readers I know don't drink coffee!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baking Wednesday with Laney: Chocolate Cream Pie!

Its that time again, baking Wednesday, I only have 3 Loyal readers, so I am sure you know, and If you don't heres a refresher, Laney and I always bake on Wednesdays * hints the baking Wednesday with Laney* Over the last few months we have just found a connection in the kitchen especially with SWEETS! Last week we did cake pops recipe found on This week however my dear Joshy (my Fiancee) has been begging me for a chocolate cream pie, and that is exactly what he got!

Doesn't she look so cute? Yet so grown up. I need to put this picture in the "priceless" category!

Here it is ready to eat, I had it in the fridge chilling for 2 hrs but it didnt hold its shape, yet tasted very YUM! I would make it again and again!

now its half gone ... oh just what we need more sugar!!!
heres how to make it ..
You need:
1 pkg. fat free/sugar free choc. instant pudding
1 small container of heavy whipping crm
1 graham cracker crust
a handful of sugar
a small piece of chocolate (i had morsels left over from another recipe, and just grated them to look shaved over the top of the whipped crm)
First make pudding according to directions .. set in fridge to chill
put a handful of sugar (about 3 tbsp.) in bowl with whipping crm, beat with mixer on high until peaks form.
take pudding out of fridge, pour in crust, then pour whipped crm over top of the pudding, and shave (or grate) chocolate pieces over top to make the pie look pretty VOILA! that was simple, now chill for a couple hrs in fridge then ENJOY!

Wordful Wednesday

Wordful Wednesday: Giraffe Up-Close and Personal This picture was taken last week at Lowry Park Zoo, My daughter was running from the giraffe because he wanted to sniff her!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kitchen Re-Model FINALLY DONE!

Oh you have no idea how stoked I am to have my kichen done! seemed like it took forever and a day, but in all actuallity it took 4-6 weeks, and if you have ever done a kitchen re-model then you know that not having a kitchen for that long can be disaterous! For weeks I prepared the meals I was going to cook on either a small piece of board or the dining table.
now if you have seen our kitchen before then you know this is a HUGE improvement! I wish I would have taken before pics! our kichen had PINK laminate counter tops, with PINK cabinets, the worse part of that was our house was built in the late 90's yet the kitchen looked like it popped out from the 70's! LOL

I just took different shots of each side of the kitchen.. and if you look closely that my dishwasher, yes I said dishwasher, my entire adult life ive never had a dishwasher, and there wasnt one in the old kitchen!

If you look at the counter tops closely that is very uniques, something we worked for months picking out, it is such a nice custom feel, and since we have such a small kitchen I like all the little features like that!
We also did our floors at the same time throught the entire house, I forgot to upload a picture, so I will have to blog about that seperatly!

Tempt my Tummy Tuesday

This is my first attempt at TTT , jump on over to Blessed with Grace and join in on the fun, I did! I thought this would be great for me, because I love to cook! I found this recipe on I slighty changed it up to fit what my family eats, but I didnt change much! I love the name of it too!

Its the pork chops I am featuring here, they are delish and the marinade is soo yum.. so heres how its done.
My kid's favorite pork chops
you will need ..
4 pork chops
6 oz of beer, flavor of your choice, I used bud light (thats about a 1/2 bottle)
9 oz of bbq, again your choice bbq sauce, I used sonny's sweet BBQ
salt, pepper, and garlic (just enought to season your pork)
1 onion (sliced)

How to...
1) Sprinkle the pork chops with the garlic, salt, and pepper, then brown meat on both sides. Take meat out of pan after browned.
2) Into skillet port beer and bbq sauce, stir together, place pork chops back in skillet, and add sliced onions to top. Simmer on low for 1 to 2 hours.
I served with mashed potatoes (and poured the pork chop juices over it) and sauteed brocoli, this was a great great meal, first time making it, and will def. do it again, hope you enjoy!
Also head over to Tasty Tuesday, find more great recipes.

The Best Chicken I've ever had!

I am completley kicken myself in the butt because I didn't take a picture of dinner last night, we had to run errands so we were in a hurry to eat, non the less its was fabulous, one of the most most chicken dinners i've had, and this is the 2nd time I've cooked it for my family, both times using different side dishes. I wanted to share the recipe for the glaze because thats what made the chicken.
1 tsp curry
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup mustard
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup butter (melted)
I pour this over 2-3 pieces of chicken breast, and the rest of the juices were put over the rice I made! YUM!
I dont remember were I got the recipe but It was from the internet! ENJOY

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Have you ever made this ooey gooey slimey goodness? It is called Oobleck (go check out the recipe for it on my sis's website) It is almost like silly putty, and Lu just loves it!
Liss and Lu mixed red and blue together to make of course what elese other than purple!
Then after they were done they played with it, and we stored it in a ziploc bag for next time! Aidman didn't feel like participating in this project so we didn't make him, I think he had enough activities for one day LOL :) see how much fun we had? I got 3 blogs outta 1 day LOVELY!

Butterflies gallore!

I thought when we got home from the park, the kids would wanna rest, but nope, they wanted to do an art project! So we made butterflies, with roll-on paint which I thought was AWSOME and I have never seen it, as well as bingo dobbers, and colored glues. The kids had a blast! Laney colored the entire butterfly pink, then took every color bingo dobber and made pretty dots.

Lissy made two butterflies, she had that much fun, and both of them looked entirely different and pretty!

Aidman of course made his blue! He like the colored glue as you can see from his finished product!

And .. the finish project, which is refridgerator worthy! LOVE THEM!

Sunday Funday at the Park!

We rarely find time to drive to Lakeland anymore. It seems like every time we move its farther north :(. My sister and niece and nephew live there, its also my home town. It is just a mere hour and a half away, but life gets busy! So today we found that time! and we certainly enoyed ourselves!

First we went to the park, It was the most beatiful childrens park I'd ever seen! with so much to do!
Aidman, Lis, and Lu had a gran ole' time. I think Bran and I had fun watching them , its almost like they pick up where they left off, when they saw each other last!

I know Laney certainly missed them both! Mostly Aidman and Lu were attached to the hips at the park!

But Lis held her own, she was so sweet .. I think this was her favorite activity she called it the "rolly slide" I went on a time or too.. that was something!

See... even Bran had fun! Sliding down the grass .. We are gonna have to make an effort to go more!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lets go to the ZOO!

Today Josh had a company picnic at Lowry park zoo! I think that was a perfect choice for a company picnic, that way you aren't in a stuffy room with the same people you work with 5 days a week!

We got free day passes, ride passes, and food, was really wonderful!

we enjoyed riding the rides and seeing the beatiful animals! I believe Lowry park is rated #1 in all of America!

And now I can see why, I haven't been there in yrs and it sure has changed and evolved!

They had the most beatiful animals, I wish I could share all the pictures with you, but I didnt want to clutter them together! Laney absolutley LOVES animals! Her expression to seeing each one was priceless!

I am seriously considering getting year round passes, I think we'd enjoy going once a month or so!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Pizza Night

I've had alot of first in the kitchen lately, I am really discovering cooking, and baking. I do not by any means cook fabulous things, but it does taste good to eat! So tonight was my first go at "homemade pizza" The dough was a little hard to get going, but it worked out.. and the small one is Laney's pizza that she made and topped all by herself!

Our topping choices were: peperoni, salami, mozz cheese, cheddar cheese, and olives ... hmm now that I wrote all that out I am wandering where are all the veggies?? Laney only did cheese and olives... I love that she made it on her own she was so proud! I think next time well have mushroom, bell pepper, olives, red onions, and sausage ... ohh my mouth is watering!

Laney's First School Dance.

I though you guys would enjoy these photos as much as I did! My little darling has some great moves!

I dont know where she got them from? LOL .. I am assuming it might be me! but never the less she has a GREAT time. This was her first school dance and she INSISTED on wearing a dress to school today bc after all "mommy you have to wear a dress to a dance"and this is the one she picked!

Oh and yes, she did talk me into one dance! :)

Friday's Fave Five

Hi everyone! This is my first shot at "Friday's Fave Five" hosted by Living to Tell the Story. I am so Excited to be paricipating in this! I'm a little new to the blogging world and Mr. Linky is being a bit ornery today but I will accomplish this task LOL here goes!
I am thankful for ..

1.) My daughters dedication to learning, this week she brought home a PERFECT report card, and though shes in Kindergarden, she has a love for learning, reading, and all the inbetweens of school! I'm so proud of her!

2.) My fiancee's patience and hard work, we are currently remodling our kitchen and floors, no surprise I've been a bit moody not having access to my entire kitchen but he's been gracefully patient with me, and working hard all night after he works a LONG day to get it done!

3.) Have you ever been to this site? If you have then you know why I am thankful! I have gotten so many great recipes lately they are simple, and I have got great reviews on everything I've cooked from
4.) Thursday .. I have every Thursday off, but for the last 2 weeks I've gotten to eat lunch with My mom and sister, and if you work and have a child, then you know how difficult it can be to get together with family especially when they live about an hr away, so I am hoping that I can make this a tradition because I've come to find that the one hour I get to spend eating lunch with my mom and Britt makes my whole day, its like catching up with old friends!
5.) Last but not least, the beatiful blooms, and trees, not much here in FL do we get all the 4 seasons, but I love the warm weather which is why Im in FL!!

So... I hope my first go at "Fridays Fave Five" was worth reading .. and looking forward to it again next week!!!