Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tissue Paper Tree

Isn't it a beauty? I know I am bad with the camera ... If I could have just gotten a better shot, but you get the concept right? Good :) I got my inspiration from here such a great blog! One day I will come up with a great idea of my own, but for now I will copy others who come up with fantastic ones!

I followed her tutorial mostly, I did change a few things: I did not fold the tissue paper into squares, lets face it people I have an 8 week old who thinks cat naps are enough for her, so I had to do this fast, I'll admit it I just kinda crumbled the bottom of the tissue paper to make it look somewhat like her folded flowers, I tried the folding thing but It just took to long ... as a result of my "crumbling" it is NOT as fluffy as hers, and fluffy is cute!! But It s still great looking! I did use a paper cup and scrapbooking paper to make my "cone"

I think I should jazz it up with some "ornaments" maybe I will .. Hope you all are having a great week!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cupcake Ornaments

LOOK at these BEAUTIES!!! I just love them!
I helped "host" a baby shower last night, and the theme of the shower were cupcakes.
My job was to make decorations, favors, and help set up.
It took me forever to come up with a favor idea, I had a ton of ideas but nothing seemed quite right.
However when I saw this tutorial I was hooked!
Because the shower is in December and it's Christmas time and it was a cupcake theme what better than a cupcake ornament? PERFECT

On the table I set them all up and wrote a note to all the guest:
Take one and hang it on your tree, and everytime you glance at it, please pray for baby and me!

And of course I snuck about 5 or 6 ... maybe 7 ok you got me, for my tree :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Advent Calendar

I really like the advent we are doing this year! Its cute, kid friendly, and Lu loves it *thats what matters*
 I made "24" snowmen, completed with fabric scarves (PERFECT for those scraps you dont want to throw out and have on hand!), and a little black hat.

Underneath the hat is where the "activity" for the day is! Lu loves it, she has been going over there to see under the hat all day :) I wish I would have lifted a hat and took a pic but I forgot!

Our Calendar is simple this year mostly because we are still adjusting to out "bigger" family.
  • Some of the Activities are:
  • Decorate Tree
  • Movie night
  • Read a Christmas story
  • Sing a song together
  • Dance around the house
  • Go to Steak n Shake for a shake
  • make an ornament
  • do a craft
  • paint
  • playdate w/ a friend
  • bake
  • walk the neighborhood looking for Christmas lights
  • Drive around town to see the lights
ect ect ... you get my drift right? Simple yet fun! I love having an advent keeps you busy while waiting for Christmas, and it also keep me accountable to do things everyday with Lu no matter how busy I get! I think I should make one every month :)
Check out our advent from last year here

What does your Advent look like?
Many more Christmas projects coming this week, I've been crafting away during Tierney's naptime :)