Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Funday at the Park!

We rarely find time to drive to Lakeland anymore. It seems like every time we move its farther north :(. My sister and niece and nephew live there, its also my home town. It is just a mere hour and a half away, but life gets busy! So today we found that time! and we certainly enoyed ourselves!

First we went to the park, It was the most beatiful childrens park I'd ever seen! with so much to do!
Aidman, Lis, and Lu had a gran ole' time. I think Bran and I had fun watching them , its almost like they pick up where they left off, when they saw each other last!

I know Laney certainly missed them both! Mostly Aidman and Lu were attached to the hips at the park!

But Lis held her own, she was so sweet .. I think this was her favorite activity she called it the "rolly slide" I went on a time or too.. that was something!

See... even Bran had fun! Sliding down the grass .. We are gonna have to make an effort to go more!

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