Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lunch With The Girls!

This is the 2nd week in a row that Me, my Mom, and younger sister Britt were able to get together for Lunch! This week we ate at Sweet Tomatoes, and if you've never been, uhh Its soo good! Its like a soup and salad bar (no meat is served) and they have pastas and breads too! I of course got Chicken Lime Orzo soup (never had that before) but is was YUM! and a plate of salad, and for dessert some oranges!

Usually with a hectic busy life, we don't see each other much and its times like these I'm glad I have such a good fam! Although I drove an hr there and and hr back, it was well worth it! The only person we miss every time is my older sister Bran (wish she lived closer) .. I've been second guessing working less hrs, but then I wouldnt have time for lunch dates :)

Now, Ive gotta think real hard on what to cook for dinner, cuz hardly nothing will top my good lunch!

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  1. here's the link I told you about.

    I really like the page header!!