Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Recently we took a much needed vacation. It was the most relaxing 9 days I've had in years, as we made our way to GA and then to TN. I haven't had a vacation since well.. I cant remember, but we visited Family, in GA we visited grandma Doris, Josh's mother. We had a great time going to the Cabbage Patch Baby Land, Laney was like a kid in a candy store (or rather yet a girl in a dolly store) her eyes lit up the entire time, and it so happened that they had the "cabbage patch festival" that day, so we made it an all day adventure! While in GA, we also visited Helen, which of course is one of my all time fav places, and then we headed to see the Amicola falls, if you've never made a trip to the Amicola Falls, I must say you should make GA your next vaca destination, that was worth the whole trip in itself! I've never seen anything like it, its entire beauty took my breath away.
Then it started to snow, and living in Sunny Florida, well we all know Florida doesn't get snow!! my little Laney was all over it, Josh, was right behind her, at 27 yrs old, it was his first time seeing snow.
We headed to Tn, 4 days into our vacation to visit with my granny and pa. Oh, how we had a wonderful time there to visiting Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and the Minite Communties, if you've ever went out with my grandmother than you know, we will spend all day in one spot as she loves to chatter and shop! We spend a day in Gatlinburg shopping and having fun, and again it so happen they had a craft fair that day, so we found all kinds of goodies! We also took Laney to see Hannah Montanh, and if you have a little girl, then you understand we had to make it first thing day of opening. We also went Easter Egg hunting and everywhere in between, and as for me, I am glad to be home, but I will have to say we are going to make a point to go vacationing more often!

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