Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lets go to the ZOO!

Today Josh had a company picnic at Lowry park zoo! I think that was a perfect choice for a company picnic, that way you aren't in a stuffy room with the same people you work with 5 days a week!

We got free day passes, ride passes, and food, was really wonderful!

we enjoyed riding the rides and seeing the beatiful animals! I believe Lowry park is rated #1 in all of America!

And now I can see why, I haven't been there in yrs and it sure has changed and evolved!

They had the most beatiful animals, I wish I could share all the pictures with you, but I didnt want to clutter them together! Laney absolutley LOVES animals! Her expression to seeing each one was priceless!

I am seriously considering getting year round passes, I think we'd enjoy going once a month or so!

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  1. We love Lowry Park Zoo! I like it better than Busch Gardens because it's just the right size. BG overwhelms me.