Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kitchen Re-Model FINALLY DONE!

Oh you have no idea how stoked I am to have my kichen done! seemed like it took forever and a day, but in all actuallity it took 4-6 weeks, and if you have ever done a kitchen re-model then you know that not having a kitchen for that long can be disaterous! For weeks I prepared the meals I was going to cook on either a small piece of board or the dining table.
now if you have seen our kitchen before then you know this is a HUGE improvement! I wish I would have taken before pics! our kichen had PINK laminate counter tops, with PINK cabinets, the worse part of that was our house was built in the late 90's yet the kitchen looked like it popped out from the 70's! LOL

I just took different shots of each side of the kitchen.. and if you look closely that my dishwasher, yes I said dishwasher, my entire adult life ive never had a dishwasher, and there wasnt one in the old kitchen!

If you look at the counter tops closely that is very uniques, something we worked for months picking out, it is such a nice custom feel, and since we have such a small kitchen I like all the little features like that!
We also did our floors at the same time throught the entire house, I forgot to upload a picture, so I will have to blog about that seperatly!

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