Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is there anything better than when your kiddie is acting silly and you get to snap lots of pictures??
The answer to that is YES ... kiddo just wait till you get your first boyfriend and I start breaking out some old photo albums ... that my friends is going to be priceless!
Head over to Angies, at Seven Clown Circus for more great pictures on this fabulous wordful Wednesday.


  1. We are terrible as parents!! "Oh, you are the boyfriend....look at these" I have some that would make my oldest blush! Too cute!! The goggles are hilarious!

  2. great photo!! definitely one to pull out with future boyfriends!! love it!

    my WW:

  3. my husband looks at pics i take sometimes and comments on them being perfect "blackmail material" when they are older! great pic!

  4. YES!!! I should make a whole scrapbook for the "embarrass your future dates" pictures I have of my son.

    Thanks for stopping by!