Friday, June 5, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday - Marshmallow Pops

YAY! Its Friday, TGIF!!! I have been super super busy this week finishing the touches on Lu's B-day party for tomorrow! I remembered how much FUN I have planning a B-day Party (HAHA) - I must be CRAZY - Lu and I didn't do a blog about making a dessert this Wed. bc it was her actual B-day that day and we took her for dinner, so I thought today she could knock out 2 things in one sitting, she and I could do our normal making something {since it's been so hectic we haven't hardly stepped foot in the kitchen} and we could also make something for the guest at her party! Just incase no one knows she is having a "candy themed" party so we made marshmallow lolipops - HOW much FUN-
First stick the marshmallow onto a popcicle stick.

Dip in milk chocolate (melt per directions on the bag, you only need 1/2 a bag for 20 pops)

Dip in whatever you wish, we did several thing, one of them being sprinkles, shown above and below.

and then I took regular sugar, and food coloring, made blue and pink colored sugar, dipped into that, I also made yellow coconut, also with food coloring!

VOILA .. that simple, I even let Lu sneak one in ... thats her UNHEALTHY snack for the day!
Very kid friendly, very fun for the kids to do, and for more of Kid Friendly Fridays Jump on over to I Blame My Mother


  1. Oh. My. God. If my daughter saw this, she would absolutely SQUEAL!!! Too CUTE!!

  2. We did these for a birthday party and the kids loved them! I love how simple but how diverse you can make them!!

  3. They look great fun! Definitely a kid friendly idea, thanks for sharing it :)