Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playdate at the Petting Zoo

Today my mommy group went to Boyette Grove, which is a small petting zoo near by, It was very neat, I have never been there before.
The owners basically rescue "unwanted" animals, from deer, to alligator, birds, monkey, llama, zebra ect ect...
The kids had a wonderful time feeding the animals, and seeing which animal would eat the most.
It was pretty fun to see which child picked which animal as the one to "warm" up to, I think Laney and Kaitlyn both liked the birds, and turtles.
And the Llmas ate like it was nobody's buisness, I believe they actually got the most food, because they ate right our of the palms of hands!
And of course the Ostriches were a huge hit, this picture of Sara is one of my fav. I wish I would have snapped it at just the right time, because when she threw the bread, she jumped with it! Too cute!
We all packed a "picnic" style lunch and ate inside (where there was some nice AC blowing) after we were finished the owners gave all of the kids ice cream of their choice! It was a nice day! I am loving the summer, it has given us awsome opportunites!

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