Monday, June 8, 2009

Beach Day Fun

Man did we ever have a BUSY weekend with birthday parties and beaches, I am tired, I can't keep up! Joshy's grandma invited us to go to the beach out at Treasure Island where she has a timeshare, and I was dying to go bc its the first weekend of summer, and I knew Lu would love it!This is one of my favorite pics of all time, of my two loves! aren't they adorable!
I tried Lu's floatie divise on for size, it was okay going on, but taking it off was a total different story LOL .. you shoulda seen it!
Joshy and Lu played with the water balls for a good long time, then we formed a triangle and all played together!
I love this little girl and her smile! Isn't she adorable!!

And my dear sweet Joshy built me my dream house outta sand HAHA! I think he loves the bucket more than Lu
This was HILARIOUS .. Laney put on her goggles first thing when we got there and dipped her head in the water to see what she could see with her 2nd pair of eyes! (If you look close I think she has the googles on in every pic)

Shes just coming up from looking under the water, you shoulda seen her eyes! Shes too much!

And of course we went back to the pool, where Lu swam even more, shes like a little fish, you have to drag her outta the water! We have plans to try and go to the beach at least every couple weeks this summer!

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  1. Of all things for her to love so much as goggles!