Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Blog Carnival- Starting in 1 WEEK! Kids in the Kitchen!!

I am starting a carnival called "Kids In the Kitchen" and would love you all to join in.

What kinds of posts??
*kid friendly recipes*
Could be of desserts, meals, drinks, icee, ect...

Anyone! You do not have to ask me first - just join in on the fun!

I'll put my post and Mr. Linky up each Thursday morning.

Write your Kids in the Kitchen post and link it back to mine, then come and put your information into Mr. Linky. You will use enter your name and a short description of your post.
Please link to your Kid Friendly post, not to your front page.
I do not have a button yet, still working on even how to do that LOL... the humor of me working the new is great! (so please bear w/ me for now)

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing all your "KIDS IN THE KITCHEN" So... get out those APRONS and lets have a blast.


  1. how fun!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I got the popsicle makers at ikea for only $1.99!!! they have both girlish and boyish ones! i hope that helps! come back and visit me soon!!!

  2. Just saw this on "I Blame My Mother".

    Love to cook with my two, so we will be participating for sure!

    We're chronicling our summer journey on my "Of Cabbages & Kings" blog, we're done school & work till August, so it's an adventure most days!

  3. The new blog carnival sounds like fun! I found out about it from Kid Friendly Friday. In case you still have not created your button, I wrote a blog about how to do it...if you are interested! You can find it here:

    Can't wait for the carnival to start!