Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

Before I begin I must say I cropped the photos down so that only my child and sisters children will be seen, because I don't like posting other children without permission!

Now here we go, I planned this "candy themed" party for what seemed like a year, and it was GREAT we had candy every where, LOTS AND LOTS of it, in jars and canisters, vases, trifile bowls, clear cupcake holders, glasses ... I mean it was like a candy fantasy LAND! I love this pic of my little Lu she recieved the googles in a beach pail filled with goodies from aunt Bran and she loves them!!!
The kids bounced in the bounce house, we had great fun, and the lady was nice enough to leave it for extra time so we had our own "family" time after all the guests left!

We made candy kabobs, Lissy is so proud of hers, don't you love it?? YUM!

Aidman did'nt want to get his hands "sticky" so he made his outta cheeto puff balls, HAHA! creative little boy, but the funny part is those slide better on the kabob stick then the candy did!

I ordered plain COLORFUL iced cupcakes from the local grocery store, and I asked for a couple extra cupcake holders, I then filled them empty spots of the cupcake holders with chocolate, butterscotch, and white choc morsels, colored sugar, sprinkles, m&ms, and colored coconut .. and we let the kids decorate their own cupcakes with the candy ... YUM! heres Lu's masterpiece (They loved this project!)
I also got large bubblewands from the dollar store wrapped them in irridescent cellephane and tied a ribbon around them, they looked like large lollipops, and the kids had fun playing with bubbles too.
At the end we gave each child an empty goodie bag, let them fill it with candy of their choice from each jar, and tied a toothbrush to it!! :) see I am trying to prevent candy cavities :)
All little Lu's best girl friends from school came, so she was in HEAVEN!
After all the kiddies left, My sis Bran and her kiddos stayed over, we let them play on the slip n slide my mom got for Lu. She LOVES IT!

Lissy looks so cute, priceless pic!

and Aidman too, These 3 kids love to spend time together so we took advantage of the fact they were there and let the kids play ALL day, wish they lives closer!

After everyone was gone and we had special family time in the bouncer, Lu changed into her pajamas and had a field day ... see those googles still?? LOL ... yes she slept good that night! I'm glad she had fun!

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  1. I love that picture of Lyssy! And the last one of Laney!