Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lunch with Lu

I took Lu lunch to school today for her birthday! I thought it would be great to spend a few extra minutes with her (since I am off work) and I wanted her to have some of her favorites for lunch! My sis Brandy gave me the idea to decorate a paper bag, which the nice publix lady just gave to me :)!

I made her a PB&J with Strawberry Jelly, she loves strawberry, shaped likea flower, from a cookie cutter, blueberries on a small kabob stick, canalope (which she calls canopee for some reason, but she gobbles it down every time), snow peas with ranch dip, and of course that huge chocolate cupcake (wish you guys could see how big it really was, and I tried to get a normal one but publix only sales normal ones by the 6 pk)

She LOVED the cupcake, see??? I did too, it had raspberry cream in the middle of it YUM it was so good! She ate everything, except she said the snow peas tasted like grass today, and she wandered why bc they don't usually, but "mom grass is NOT good for you dont you know??" she submerged them in ranch dip and ate them anyway LOL

I think she LOVED it and I LOVED taking it to her! It was nice, bc its her Last day of kindergarden so ... bittersweet it being her bday and the last day of school, that I'll never get to eat with her as a kindergardener again! Man, can I please slow the hands of time just a little?


  1. Okay....I was doing just fine till I got to the end. to get a kleenx......

    and of course.....Happy Birthday Lu!

    Wishing you and yours a beautiful day.

  2. I wish you could babe. It goes so fast!

  3. What a cutie! Such a great idea to have lunch with her on her special day

    And happy birthday to your daughter!

  4. You have GOT to make this for Laney for the summer. Actually, I might make it for her birthday present.

  5. Oh you are THE BEST MOMMY - well done.